Robert Walther
WOW! Finally! * A prison designed for American Banksters! * This bizarre monolith firmly anchors ground zero of 'Just Plain Nuts'. * Interesting and obscenely expensive Sci Fi movie set? * Adds resounding emphasis to 'Don't sh*t where you eat'!
The Skud
Where do these people get the money to erect such stupidity? It seems a totally pointless exercise, something that would soon bore the residents completely. The outer shell of concrete would only increase the weirdness. It would make a little bit more sense for the concrete walls being replaced by 'electronic' mirror glass sheets, so at least a person could look out and see something without also being on display 24/7. There are photos on the web - unfortunately I cannot find the link quickly - of a city street corner public toilet, a mirrored cube from the outside, but transparent looking out from the inside.
Paul Briers
It looks like the house on Thirteen Ghosts:
Quite impractical, but still interesting as a styling exercise for architects who love to get their hands on "out of the box" (!) expressive design.
In the real world, one would have to change much of it to make it a livable space for the occupants.
BigGoofyGuy I think the glass house in the movie Thirteen Ghosts would be way more desireable to live in (especially if one does not have thirteen ghosts to contend with or a evil guy trying to take over the world).
IMO, it is way to stark to actually live in. I would have opaque glass where the bathroom is and smart glass everywhere else (one flip of a switch, the glass is opaque so people on the higher floors won't freak out).
Lewis M. Dickens III
Living in the Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Townhouses in Detroit, some 55 years old now with glass facades and soon to become a national Landmark I find this design to be well fitted to turning people into depressed psychopaths and toilette fetishists.
Two steps forward and 3 steps back.
Matt Fletcher
Could work nicely as a safe house or jail. And if it didn't have the see through ceiling on the bathroom could work well as a bomb or biological shelter, if fitted with the proper ventilation and water cleaners. Otherwise keep the windows on the walls.
This is great for future prison design where guards can monitor inmates 24/7! Awesome!!!
Marco Corona
Yuck. Someone's architectural skills forgot to include a balance of visual beauty. We don't need anymore concrete jungle eyesores mucking up communities.
As Soupy Sez, "People who live in glass houses, should dress in the basement."