That cannon looks like the PVC creations I used to make to launch oranges back in the day. Seeing an orange fly 300+ metres was remarkably therapeutic.
Lightest self propelled artillery ever fielded. The article I previously read on it allegedly quoted the manual as to it was necessary to dismount the gun for firing. but assuming that you didn't kill yourself popping off a smoke or fragmentary round in the general direction of the enemy while looking for a ditch to hid in could be useful.
Has anyone noticed how long your legs would have to be to sit astride this machine?
Mel Tisdale
It would have given the mods a distinct advantage over rockers back in 60s!
It reminds me of a camel cannon that I saw on a television. It seems like a modern version of it.
Sitting astride one of those things could inspire the question: "is that a cannon in your pants or are you just happy to see me?" :-)
Dr. Strangeloveian.
Wow! What a sweet ride, and what a kick she puts out! That's a lovely shade of OD, too.
The USA had a more practical vehicle at the time, the M274 Mule, a 4X4 ATV of sorts. Weapons mounted on the Mule could be used (so long as you weren't very concerned about the other guy shooting back). The Mule was eventually replaced by the M-Gator, the service version of the John Deere Gator. Gizmag & many other sources have reported on wheeled & 4-legged vehicles that the DOD is developing, but many M-Gators can be bought for the price of 1 robot.
The Skud
They should make a version with the cannon facing rearwards - that would discourage tailgaters!