I'm sure I saw an acorn go by...
Anne Ominous
Ridiculous to blame this on "climate change".
In fact, Greenland's ice mass gains have been HUGE this year, and it is experiencing a near-record-low melt season.
As a result of this EXCESS ice, you get faster flowing glaciers and icebergs calving off. That's how this stuff works.
Anne Ominous Let's talk again when florida is under water.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
More snow will raise the temperature at the base of the glacier and cause faster motion.
Anne Ominous
The areas of Florida that are experiencing above-normal "sea level rise" are actually subsiding. The Miami area, for example.
It's not sea rising (any faster than before, that is). It's land sinking.
Anne Ominous
I would ask people to look at the graph I linked to above.
In order for the Greenland ice melt to meet the seasonal norm (i.e., the mean from 1981-2010), it would have had to have lost 600 billion tons more ice than it actually has this year.
600 billion tons is a lot of ice.
That's equivalent to more than 530 billion cubic meters of seawater.
Anne Ominous
Correction. 600 Gigatons total accumulation this year. Not 600 Gt above normal.
It's only about 100 Gt above normal.
So that's (conservatively) about 88.3 billion cubic meters of seawater.
CraigAllenCorson Global Warming alarmists have been predicting flooding forever, with 0% success. Wasn't the Arctic supposed to be ice free by 2013, and wasn't NYC supposed to be flooded by now? Please...
Anne Ominous You quote the Surface Mass Budget (SMB) but not the Total Mass Budget for Greenland. As the video shows, calving can reduce the mass of the ice sheet by millions of tonnes in one event, so perhaps don't cherry pick the information you want us to "believe". And another thing, the data you referred to is all based on modelling, the favourite enemy of the climate change skeptic. This comment is the result of a five minute search - try it some time.
Remember the last time they tried to sell us an AGWK alert for the ice shelf in Antarctica? Remember how we learned that it took over 4 years to happen, and OBTW, the land there is rising. Oops. I'd love to see time-lapse video of that glacier for the past decade or so. (Gosh, looky there! It calves all the time. How about that!) // C'mon, Alarmists. Now that 99% of humans are on-board the "leave a lighter footprint" concept and lifestyle, things are getting better and better. Relax and smell the healthier roses (thanks to more CO2.)