Jason Catterall
Another top notch A Crapella performance by Loz! Love seeing you shit yourself a little, is that wrong?
" It's the first mass-market production motorcycle with forced induction.." Ahem, SuzukiXN 65 Turbo, Kawasaki Z750 Turbo, Yamaha XJ650 Turbo, and the godfather Honda CX500 Turbo and the CX650 Turbo... All production motorcycles: All forced induction. The Kawa claim to USP fame is `forced induction via supercharging` - and even then one needs to add `mechanical` before `supercharging` because the pedants among us will point out that forced air induction - or aerodynamic pressure-induced airbox filling, has been a feature on many different machines for at least 20 years. Oh, and then after that one needs to qualify it again with `motorcycle` as Peugeot brought a supercharged scooter - the JetForce Compressor to the mass market in 2003... Basically then, the statement is incorrect...
One of the best reviews I have watched in a long time - well done Loz - unbelievable bit of engineering - well done Kawasaki!
Special needs, indeed! So, your sayin' that this is the "short bus" for motorheads, then?
I'd love to take that for a spin on the freeway... although I'm an old guy and prefer motorcycles you sit on, as opposed to lay down on.
Nicolas Zart
I thought Honda had come out with a turbo bike in the 80s?
Yes, Honda (among some others) produced turbo bikes in the early 80s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_CX_series#CX500_Turbo
Dan Lewis
Great response, great maneuverability...And it's ugly as hell! I'll wait another year or two.
Captain Danger
Well I can see why you only got 25 mpg
Thanks snave/Nicolas/Woof - sorry, I'm aware of those and I don't know how that got through. I've edited the text! Ronbh - we did plenty of boring freeway riding on it as well, we just didn't subject you to that in the video! Riding flat out gets you much worse than 25mpg.