Ominous music to introduce a big red thing... Donald Trump? No the Automobile version of an Opera!
That just silly. But the frunk will have a huge amount of space. I like the fact that they are still using grills. They don't make sense on many ICE cars, and are not needed on an electric, but you gotta have them. Why don't they put a horse tail on the back and be really retro?
Tim Collins
This is a very ugly, poorly proportioned vehicle. i hope it never makes it into real life. It looks like it was designed by a demented teenager.
Can you imagine driving this behemoth in urban America. What craziness!
Michael Shewell
Yes, but will Lewis Hamilton drive one? And if so, how will he get it through the tight streets of Monaco.
Keith Reeder
"Can you imagine driving this behemoth in urban America?" Quite a lot of the world ISN'T urban America - just in case you hadn't noticed...
Is it me, or is this a bit "Batman-esque"?
Island Architect
Sure looks gorpy to me!
Waaaaaaayyyh overdone.
Standard garage length is 20 foot. I suppose that is irrelevant to a millionaire.
Despite other comments, I think it's gorgeous and would order one in a heartbeat. If you think it's ugly, instead hoping it doesn't make it into production, just don't buy one. Given the long wheelbase, a 110+ kWh battery would be feasible. Driving a Tesla for a year has given me an entirely new perspective on EVs. Bring it on!