You call that prime rib? Euchh.
The Mayan calendar ends Dec 21, 2012, not Dec 31 2012.
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LOL talk about opportunistic corporations preying on the gullible. If the end of the world is coming I think it really would mean THE END. This would therefore only delay the inevitable... if it can at all. People would find greater peace if they accepted death as a part of life and just focused on living while they are alive.
I didn\'t see anything on there about how it would handle earthquakes... or underground volcanic activity... ;-)
The world ends on Dec 21st 2012, not Dec 31st, so don\'t be late! That\'s when the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar used by the Maya civilization completes a great cycle of thirteen b\'ak\'tuns.
Got news for you - your going to need kind of a lot longer than 12 months to ride out the kind of disaster you are contemplating here - that\'s if your part of the world doesn\'t end up under water or a mile of ice.
Of course, if the Mayans were so smart why are they all dead?
In the mean time, don\'t buy any low-bank waterfront property.
The fake green plants are a nice touch reminding everyone of what\'s been destroyed above on the nuclear scorched Earth surface. I hope some of the money goes toward stocking every movie ever made since the dawn of time, and a download of every e-book. There\'s going to be a LOT of down-time waiting for the radioactivity to subside to survivable levels...
What do you do with trash? \"Hey Bobby, don your survival suit, and take out the trash, please before doing your homework\" \"Aw, mom, I\'m still glowing from taking out the trash last week!\"
Dale! before you correct anyone, know your facts, otherwise you come off being more ignorant than whom you trying to correct. The Mayan calendar DOES NOT end Dec 21, 2012, OR on Dec 31 2012. Get you facts straight. If the mayan\'s ever saw our \"roman calender\", I doubt they would run around screaming, \"Oh my God, Oh my God the European\'s calender ends December 31, this year!!! The world is going to end!!!\" For your information, it doesn\'t end, ever. Just like ours it rolls over and start it\'s cycle over again, JUST LIKE OURS. Just like pizzaeater stated... DAAAAHH!
Your right Dale, but if that date is allowed then we will all miss out on seeing Santa, and his delivery of our survival gear, so they must have gotten an extension of time for the worlds end for this reason : )
I\'m in construction...... and if they really want to do this they\'ll have to start building A.S.A.P or they\'ll miss the dead-line...the builing permits will take months to get approved....
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Way to capitalise on peoples\' stupidity. :)