Bill Bennett
I like the front and the concept
I like it!
Yes Please. Not stellar performance numbers but very adequate. Clearly they have matched the battery pack and electric motor to achieve the 1/100 ratio but they should also offer a larger battery and larger electric motor just like any other engine performance upgrade.
Bruce H. Anderson
This drivetrain in an Aptera would be very cool.
Wow! Now how low could they price it?
JD Howell
One of the best examples of weight-mass efficiency and aerodynamics I\'ve seen - bested by the addition of clean-burning, high-efficiency TDI drive/generation. I\'m stoked ! Bring it on VW, but please don\'t water it down for production (okay, maybe a rear window and interior mirror)...
Adrian Akau
The aerodynamics are very good and so is the power system. The weight is low and the structure of the body should be a model for all future cars. If the battery is used in combination with the diesel mainly for acceleration and not for extended periods of time, then perhaps a capacitor system might take the place of the lithium batteries. I will be looking forward to seeing this vehicle reach the consumer market.
Tim Smalley
I\'m curious as to why they unveiled this new gas miser in a country that\'s major export is oil?
Why do people refer to the rear window as a \'windscreen\'?
Facebook User
The figures given are very impressive......for Quatar and other warm weather regions. My question is; can it survive Maine winters? I\'m talking about after the roads are plowed from snow, then sand and rock salt mix is spread out on the roads for melting and traction purposes. This sand and salt will accumulate on the vehicle\'s underside and fenders. This will create not only corrosion problems but ice build-up in freezing temperatures that can hamper steering mechanisms. Also, what would be the average cost of this vehicle to consumers?