Paul Anthony
Two questions, Why is there no picture of it folding/folded? How can they call it a bike if it has no peddles?
too kewl ... me want ...
I like it..........
\"Bik.e - a folding electric bike with one of the most ingenious folding mechanisms we\'ve seen.\"
Nice article, still, since you tout the folding mechanisms as such a great feature, it would have been nice if you had included a photo that showed the Bik.e folded up.
What? o pic of the bike folded?
James Ehmann
I want one.
Too bad that under my U.S. state\'s (New Jersey) arcane laws, the lack of pedals on that bike would mean it would be classed as a motorcycle and require registration, helmet, motorcycle license and insurance. Even if it was classed as a moped it\'d still need a helmet, license plate, registration and insurance. And if it doesn\'t have a Vehicle ID Number, you can\'t get insurance for it, which is why there are no legal electric bicycles (or even regular bicycles with a small electric assist motor) in New Jersey. Come to think of it, there doesn\'t appear to be a break light or turn signals, so it would be illegal on those grounds alone anyway. Meanwhile the law has been modified so that people can mow you down on the sidewalk or the street with a Segway, even at night with no lights, because it\'s been classed as a mobility device for the handicapped, like an electric wheelchair.
Other than the fact that I may never be able to get one, this seems a lot more practical and useful than the Segway. The ability to stow away in a conventional vehicle (or a closet, or under a bed) is genius. The only thing it\'s lacking is a rear frame to be able to attach a backet/crate for hauling a bag or two of groceries.
Great concept. Congrats to VW. As for ability to carry, no doubt there will be holes in the frame, both front and rear, to attach carriers which will enable goods to be carried. I too would love to see this Bik.e folded. Cost will be important as well, but it\'s an extremely clever design of something that\'s been around for a while d;-)
Facebook User
The lack of pedels is a non-issue since the bicycle(two wheels)does not exceed 20mph. Horses do not have pedels,but riding one is not against the law. We\'re Americans; since when did laws matter.
Bob Poor
Right on Alcalde, right on. Don\'t dismay though as the right machine is on its way. DOT approved moped class, yet fully pedalable at any time, or not. Pay the minimal fees to license and register and start getting 50 mile plus range at an average of 25 mph in variable terrain with active pedaling on $.05 worth of grid electricity. For the gas version your range is limited to tank size but averaging 25 mph with active pedaling you can easily achieve 200 mpg and also have the ability to run alcohol.
This type of thing is like the Segway, Copenhagen Wheel and other concepts that mean well but miss the mark. The very fact that it doesn\'t have pedals and they are calling it a bike is joke. It should be labeled as a scooter.
The \"last few miles\" concept is interesting however. But walking or taking the bus is not a bad option or just pedal a regular bike that will cost way less and you won\'t have to worry about it getting stolen quite as much.