Jason Catterall
What made the old Kombi such a hit is that you could actually go and buy one. How long has VW been peddling pointless concept Kombi replacements now? Is it 15 years? 20? Just build one for chrissakes!
VW is quite desperate to come in to the EV-market. They are a lot behind all other big car companies, and some of the smaller ones. But the marketing-people are busy, trying to make us all believe, that VW are up and running with a lot of EV-products. They are not ! Most is nothing but Photoshops and concept cars. But they are as allways trying to steal focus and fill us with propaganda. The old VW minibus was s%$t to drive, with the engine at the rear, it used obscene amounts og petrol, it was a deathsentence if you crashed, the cargo area didnt have a flat cargofriendly bottom, it was awfull in windy conditions. Later when Renault came with the Espace and showed how practical and versatile it could be done, VW tried to copy it. Without luck, but the propaganda-apparatus blew competition away. Dont trust VW !
Agree with Jason, VW! #$%$ or get off the pot with your Kombi concepts. Seems like VW is sitting on a mini van gold mine that they continuously tease and always fail to develop. The "new Beetle" was a hit and I can't understand why they never followed up with a "new bus". Loosing faith that it will ever happen.
Dan Lewis
After the revelation of major corporate dishonesty, I'm pretty sure I won't buy a Volkswagen product during my remaining 20 or so years.
You write and caption several photos with talk of seven passengers, but the photos clearly show only two seats in that third row, for a total of six (well, five, if you don't count the driver). What's up with that?
Lots of nice concepts here, I like the modular platform, the big battery, HUD, quick charge, but 369hp? Seriously? Is this going to be entered in drag races maybe. Look forward to seeing these and other VW electric vehicles on the road.
Reduce the size of the motor. There is no need to go 0-60 in 5 seconds with 7 other passengers aboard. This is a family vehicle. Loose the 21" wheels. They are expensive, take up a lot of interior space, and are not needed for this vehicle. I would love to see this produced.
Moustache a'la Salvador Dali. Neon green at that, omg.
@NigelThompson - >but 369hp? Seriously? Maybe someone wants to pull a really big trailer.
dugnology says: make the motor smaller.... Sorry, but an electric "motive" motor accepts any power fed into it. So function isnt a matter of motor power, but of ability to accept current which gives it the boost. So in this case one size fits all. Range is the factor so batteries are the important issue. With Fuel like petrol weighing 1 KG and giving 100% btw. With a battery this weight equals 2/3 % compared to petrol. This means weight is a major concern with batteries as are its costs and charging time.