Mark A
I'm your volunteer in SOCAL for beta testing... just let me know.
I would really love to cruise in one of these cars. It looks amazing, doesn't have that stupid geek look that all eco cars have. I wonder what the price tag will look like.
This will be slow as hell.
Matthew Polaine
Been following the PR on this from the late 1990s when it was chopped in favour of Bluemotion R&D. I am saddened by VW - the people's car - that this is going down the route of a 'toy of trendy celebrities and business executives for the foreseeable future' even though these are the author's words, it will be true. Bog off rich trendy people. You'll still have your 5 litre 4x4 in your purpose built garage.
VW should have the balls the manufacture this for the masses instead of the 'elite'. It is after all, how the greatest impact will be felt, not with a few celebs turning up at VIP events in it.
This vehicle needs to appeal and be mandatory to reps covering 100,000s miles. There should be massive corporate tax incentives for 100mpg+ vehicles, not the pitiful VED and BIK rates.
I hope VW is looking at the longevity and Circular Economy of this vehicle, and a degree of DIY servicing. Will the body shell be written off in a slight prang? This would then load the insurance beyond most, and certainly the under 25s.
A great opportunity, potentially hobbled by poor market research which merely follows market evolution than having the balls to move the automotive market on to where it should have been years ago.
I hope it sells really well and shows other brands how to do it. Perhaps wake a few of them up.
Mel Tisdale
What a great little car, and thank goodness it will be "as slow as hell" as DaveBG so elegantly puts it, though in fact with that specification, it is not going to be too slow. Anyway, I imagine it will be the forerunner to a range of vehicles designed to suit the needs of larger families.
We live in an age where this type of vehicle is going to be essential. We are now clearly at 'peak oil' in as much as supply is struggling to keep up with demand and the recent increases in America will do little to counter the decline of so many of today's oil fields. Even the massive Ghawar oil field is in rapid decline according to some sources. (See Oil, Smoke and Mirrors on Youtube.)
I take my hat off to VW for having the courage to proceed with such and admirable project. All we need now is for the rest of the industry to wake up to reality. Let's face it, it isn't how quickly you can reach a speed where you can kill yourself that matters to most people, it is how far you can travel on the money you can afford to spend while doing so, which is clearly miles per gallon (or litres per 100 kilometers). While hidden in the background is the fact that this type of vehicle, assuming larger family friendly versions follow, will do wonders for tackling climate change. Let's just hope that it is not too late.
Max Kennedy
Volkswagon, the name means car for regular people. Can the limited edition and trendy rich pricing and get this thing out to regular people. Though it might increase the weight a bit they should also have an option for larger battery packs giving a bit more all electric range.
We don't need an economical shoebox.
We need an economical full size all-purpose car..
A Tesla at $50 K...
Charles Hart
but the price is $107,000.
Clay Jones
Right, Charles Hart. That's the deal-breaker. I couldn't be less interested. I'd rather continue to feed my truck all it can eat that have to get another mortgage to drive this POS.