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Is it just me or are Beetles really starting to look like Porsches (is that spelt correct)
Fil Magnoli
Justin Scheller
It\'s turning into a 911 or a cross between a TT and 911.
Gerald Bohmer Jr
It may be time to buy a V-Dub..
Where the blue motion edition or electric one?
At last, an answer to the question \"What do you get when you cross a 2nd-generation Beetle with a PT Cruiser?\"
William H Lanteigne
The original VW \"beetle\" was a revolutionary vehicle with dozens of remarkable innovations. This is a conventional vehicle, a non-revolutionary, non-innovative styling exercise. It\'s just marketing.
Where is the production 1L?
Albert Sudonim
Isn\'t this really the 4th generation bug?
The 1968 version of the Beetle was substantially different from the cars that came before. Most noticeable were the changes to the bumpers, but there were also the highback seats, the interior trim, the hood and trunk shape and the shape of the rear lights. The 12 volt battery was introduced mid-year 1967, so that doesn\'t count.
John Sr
Looks great. My 1st VW was a 1964. The new one may have a regular back seat. Ferry Porsche\'s designs live on and on. I\'ll get in line for this new Beetle!!
If they want to make \"A People\'s Car\" It should be easy to work on, get great milage around town and sell for well under 10,000. Oh ya, and get rid of that dam plastic thermostat housing.