The best investment NASA and the US has ever made. This is facts backup with proof. Future generations will gain from this when we take the next big step and move on as we did on Earth. One thing is for sure, if nothing happens in the centre to follow and we carry on developing our skills, humans will outlive this World and move into another when its time is up, this time chosen by us. I doubt if it will ever be as good, who knows, this World could be look on as Heaven by future generations compare to what they have. They say nothing ends, everything goes around in circles forever.
Clay Jones
It's fantastic tha not only is Voyager still alive and sending beck useful data after 34 years but that we can receive a very low power signal from 11 billion miles away!
Richard Dicky Riddlebarger
34 years to the edge, now that's pretty far out.
Paul Perkins
This is AWESOME. Me thinks my cell phone is more complicated than this wee baby. What a trip. I recall 'The X Files' even gave it more than a mention. So we will soon know and have first hand knowledge of what is TRULEY outside our solar system. Well done NASA.
I understand that the Voyager 2 probe has passed both in and out of the Heliosphere several times as the boundry shifts, I expect both probes might leave in the same fashion.
Fretting Freddy the Ferret pressing the Fret
Now It can almost experience the even more empty space that is interstellar space.
How long until it has left into the vast, truly emptiness that is the intergalactic space? :)
It is nice that Voyager 1 & 2 are nuclear powered. They would have run out of sufficient solar decades ago.
Benjamin Small
It wouldve been nice if they attached a telescope to it, and a camera.
Win for the voyager design team! Using 70's technology, they've made a space craft that went farther and lasted longer than any other. We still can't get phones that work longer than our contract period.
Goodbye V-ger, give my best to Kirk!