VR lovers everywhere are going to drool on these guys until they build home versions haha
Okay, so it’s an R360 with a canopy. Big deal.
Wow, how awesome... If they just added some motion so the user could feel like they are actually flying, accelerating, decelerating, ... pulling real "G"s just like the company I worked for in 1994, it would be so much better!!!! Sorry Kiwis but you're a quarter-century late and million $s short.

Yep, take a flight simulator, add some input devices, surround sound, rearview display, and spin it around to create a centrifugal force. Then use the 3-axis, pitch-roll-yaw, to simulate feeling. Basically, tricking the inner ear!

Did I mention that it was 25+ years ago?

Owner: Veda International's Chameleon Technologies bought by Village Road Show (AU) in 1994
Seen at
1994 MTV Spring break San Diego
Woodstock 1994
Lollapalooza '94 tour
Countless Air Shows (Umbrella Entertainment)

This is awesome! Can't wait to try it.
nameless minion
OK, so this is the old guy story. The US Air Force had something like this ball in the mid 1960's. It was made of wood (hence it was dark inside). About 6 feet in diameter, it floated on air pumped through something like a giant golf tee. It was rotated in varying directions by a small electric motor running a rubber tire on the outside of the ball. A "volunteer" sat on the inside, communicating with the operator on the outside via radio. The "volunteer" got inside through a small door cut into the ball. I rode in it a number of times. I think I threw my guts out every time. Quite the ride.
Looks like Tall Poppy Syndrome is alive and well. They never claimed to be breaking new ground. Good on these guys for turning their beer project in to something extremely cool and potentially a very successful business.
I don't know how it happened! The ball just popped off! Last thing I saw was them rolling down Lombard street.
Chris Jarram
"We put you upside down," says Miller, "but you're still upright in the chair, so we have to cancel out the motion of the platform. Nobody else has done that, it's kinda cool." *ahem* - my company AMS has been doing that since DK1 back in 2013!!
Peter W.
When you say "weekend hobby beer project", you do mean the 360 and not the baby????
Very cool. I wonder how well they have dealt with the latency issue? Also, where is the CG of the ball? That would make a very large difference for response to input.