Robert Walther
Brought to you by ambulance chasers united. Each unit comes with an app to locate the nearest paramedics, Orthopedic surgeons and trauma center.
Daniel Harbin
I remember a while back someone introduced augmented pogo sticks using gasoline and a piston. It operated fairly simply with air/fuel intake and combustion operating in a two stroke fashion. The dearth of these machines speaks volumes about the popularity of such.
Perhaps the air machines will be more popular as the operator determines when the power is applied and its "environmentally friendly".
After entering a low tunnel, the pogo-stickers were hammered into midgets who then packed into a Volkswagen. How many fit into it? Perfect for Wiley E. Coyote. "ouch"
I love it. Go California!
"Its new V4 can launch users up to 10 ft (3 m) into the air and is ideal for a mid-life crisis."
10 ft into the air can give crisis to all demographic groups.
I was thinking of Power Bokking (after watching the Oscar Pistorius trial) but then this came along.
If you are going to break a bone or your neck why stop at 10 feet, why not make it worthwhile and pogo 20 or even 100 feet into the air and ensure a lifetime of feeling nothing from the neck down. I'll bet even at 10 ft the inevitable wipe out will cause you to wake up in the emergency ward at your local over priced hospital. I'm all for having extreme fun but when you know you're going to hurt yourself and soon, I'd ask myself, "self are you out of your mind?"
Bruce H. Anderson
I can think of several things (vehicular and non) that result in being 10 feet above ground with limited protection. This may have limited appeal, but will probably end up gathering dust at Play It Again Sports or Goodwill.
Lol at all the fear-mongering comments. It's a freakin' pogo stick.
This is actually quite cool. Perfect for the skateboard crowd. I don't think I saw any user bounce 10 feet in the video, but we have to assume that no one is going to go ape-sh*t right off the bat.
It has a learning curve and isn't easy if you're not in shape, and that is the appeal for the young hipsters its aimed at.
If it takes off there is no way they're going to keep production in California. I also wonder how durable the seals are between the cylinder and the plunger, because they must take a beating.