Ugh. It's only an SUV in the worst sense of the word--a vehicle that combines the worst characteristics of cars and trucks, and does neither job well.
A real SUV is built like a truck, probably looks like a brick, but will safely carry five to seven people and some cargo reasonably comfortably in a wide range of road (or lack thereof) conditions, day in and day out. If it doesn't do that, it's just a minivan.
This thing has some ground clearance, but no room in the wheel wells for any suspension flex, and the rims are way too big for off-road tires. So the ground clearance is just for show, and serves no purpose but to raise the Cg. The differentials sound interesting, but they're driven by a little engine with a witch's-hat torque curve. No word on the transfer case, but "Italian" and "durable drivetrain" are rarely spoken in the same sentence without a negative between them.
If somebody finds the look attractive, then more power to them. But the word "utility" has nothing to do with this vehicle.
Richard Hauer
Just... no.
Derek Howe
poop on wheels.
Isaac Rictus
It HAS to be cool. Look at all the pictures of its...lights. Huh?
Martin Hone
Those guys are on drugs and need to get out more. If you want a 'racing' SUV you can't go past a good old Holden Ute. Specifically the 'Maloo' with the alloy 350 cube V8, 6-speed box................
Now that is a real Sports Utility Vehicle...
Wrong, wrong, wrong.
Russell Vonthien
Looks like a BMW X6 raped a Mitsubishi Lancer. And there were obviously severe complications during the delivery which resulted in severe physical disfigurations.
I can't believe nobody mentioned the AMC Eagle yet: http://i.imgur.com/fqglP.jpg
It was a utility 4wd coup produced back in the 80's. They made a couple different versions of it and it was common to see people put lift kits and bigger tires on them.
The design isn't for everyone but isn't that the point? It is more off road capable than a 2wd truck at least.
It doesn't have a bed but it would still tow a trailer. I tow my 4 wheeler around on a trailer with my car because I refuse to drive a truck. Something like this might be able to offer the towing capacity for a larger trailer than I pull with my car.
and @Martin Hone The Holden Ute looks nicer but the Chevrolet SSR is along the same lines. It has a Corvette engine and the interior and ride is more like a car.
Jimbo Jim
The 2.0-liter 4-cylinder doesn't sound like much, but it puts out 414 horsepower and 354 lb-ft (480 Nm)
this kind of power output sounds like is for good time but not going to be longtime!
folks like prancing Horse aka cavallino rampante or porsche wouldn't wander into this race car output territory.
It's been done before. Check out the McRae Enduro. It was designed for Dakar and ran a V6 diesel, but unfortunately they never made the road version. There's definitely a market place for them where tarmac roads are sparse and potholes large!