DISGUSTING - the car, the price, the bling, anyone who buys one.
The price is just WAY beyond the pale! But it is a good looking car I will say that much for it? :-)
Chris D
The design and engineering is real so i wont hate it. The limiting to 7 produced shows they are not even close to doing this for the money.
The cost and Bling show the scale of swag some people are prepared to desire and the phrase buyer beware should be going off like an alarm. Will take some really foolish rich folks to buy these. LOL To park in their batcaves.
I love the design but the price and encrusting of precious stones? Hell no!!
Just goes to show that good taste and lots of money are so very often mutually exclusive.
Guess the Sultan of Brunei will want one to add to his private collection of hundreds of rarely or never driven exotics.
The bling is waaay over-the-top! But the design is fantastic it doesnt look like any car available today (Closest maybe is the Lamborghini Aventador) The looks scream aggression and speed and it is surely a beautiful car. They should've made 49 or something though and left out the gems and gold and crap and sold it for $1mil instead...
Robert Hirsch
How much is the CAR worth? Forget the gold an gemstones; that has nothing to do with engineering. I can tape a 4 million dollar diamond necklace to my hood and say that my toyota is worth 4,008,000 $
Vince Pack
I must admit, I find the overall design in and around the car very nice. If the designer would use the proceeds from undoubtedly selling all the limited specimens to overly wealthy types and pour that money into building a serious enthusiasts car with the same general design and performance, we might have a really exciting new super car on the market! It's a shame that half these cars will virtually never be driven and the other half will (statistically likely) kill a few Red Bull pumped up children of Sheiks.
That's funny...a rear wheel drive car, powered by a Porsche motor, with gold and diamond "encrusted" headlights that pretends to be equal to the Bugatti (or the 911 Turbo for that matter). Good thing they are only building 7 units as they will be garage queens; to be driven gingerly around the block and used in the ongoing game of one upmanship and self-imagined male potency...
Sales staff will treat customers with the kind of reverence reserved for very wealth people; people with little or no connection to either common sense or the idea that spending 1/3 the amount might allow them to feed, clothe and educate 10,000 starving children.
Suman M Subramanian
Chris Mark D mentioned batcaves. Speaking of, the original Batmobile from the '60s TV show is even more exclusive and recently sold at the Barrett-Jackson auction for $4.2M ($4.62M with fees), making it more expensive too. Still, I like the styling, both exterior and interior, and the performance of the Lykan Hypersport, but encrusted gemstones? Then again, I'm several paygrades below the target demographic so I can't relate.
looks like a bad cross between Robocop and Werewolf (lycan)