Gavin Roe
Nuclear batteries have been used in satellites, Can you provide more details ie life, voltage etc disposal could be a problem, will I need to wear shielding to operate my portable device. does it come in cobalt blue and radio active red
Not mentioned in the article is that Strontium-90 has a half-life of 28.8 years, so the output of such a battery will gradually drop to 50% in just under three decades. I suppose that means a practical battery will most likely have to overprovision its stores of Strontium-90 in order to maintain full rated output for a pre-determined amount of time.
How many of them to power a car.
Interesting development. What, if any, external radiation profile does one battery create and what is the kw/h to weight ratio? Things like maximum sustained draw and peak power come to mind when talking about electric vehicles. Presumably, even after being pushed hard, this technology will self-recover. How long will that take?
search on the internet for a strontium powered battery built in boise, idaho. very interesting articles about the scientist. appears that he built a garbage can sized one that fried a wire with 50 kw. the patent ended up in a company in new jersey? via portland, oregon. he is dead.
Since it is 'not so easily frozen', perhaps it could help electric vehicles since the batteries could operate at lower temperatures that might affect current batteries?
Personally, I think it has a lot of potential.
So will I become Godzilla if I drive too far in my nuclear battery powered car?
Strontium 90 causes bone cancer. I guess Missouri conservatives don't care about that.
I'm wondering if anyone from ISIS (ISIL?) has placed any orders yet
Kyle Gunn
a disposable.. nuclear..battery.. So when 30,000,000 of these are littering a landfill and rats/birds/bugs start growing exponentially.. we will all know why. Godzilla comes to mind... let's not.