The Skud
This sounds clever, but what about salt-water durability? Not all buyers would want to be confined to only fresh water boating. As for on-road use, how will they get around the ubiquitous air-bag legislation? There has been a sports car around for years, built by the same factory that builds those amphibious rescue boats and motor homes. At last inquiry they were still trying to get around the fact of wave impact on the hull or bumpers setting off the airbags and regulators not allowing the at-sea turning off of the sensors.
Clay Jones
Dang, wish I could afford one. Looks like a blast!
Hi, Skud, The Panther can be used in salt water, if it is given a good rinsing afterward. Brian
does it have a hitch, so I can pull a camper ? this thing looks like a blast.
I'd eat a bug for one of those.
"World's fastest amphibious car"?
Isn't it a Jeep?
In 2009, they said that their old Python could go 120mph on land and over 60mph on water- Isn't this new one slower?
What's up with that?
The Skud
Thanks for the salt water update, any news on the airbag front? I can't see it getting past the American Obama-safety mob and associated insurance companies nowadays.
Joseph Boe
Good call. Just re-read the Python article here on Gizmag and you are dead on with your comment.
Marty Woodward
This looks seriously good fun. Give the developers another couple of years to sort a few safety compliance issues and I reckon you'll see them driving off the show room floor by the dozens - and jet skis dead in the water! :)
If it did have a hitch for a trailer, one could pull one of these floating camper trailers.
[Also see our article on that trailer, at – Ed.]