When using mobile apps in the car to navigate and listen to music, it can be distracting to switch between apps as needed, and difficult to hear crucial instructions without wrecking your listening experience. Spotify, a leader in music streaming, has partnered with the traffic and navigation app Waze to tackle these problems.

Updates to the Waze and Spotify apps allow you to access directions and music without switching between apps. It will be possible to start navigating with Waze from within Spotify; you'll also be able to select Spotify playlists and tracks from within Waze.

Accessing Spotify controls from within Waze

When your car is not in motion, you can switch between apps with one tap, which means your eyes will be off the road for as little as possible. It also means less interruption to your navigation instructions.

Other navigation apps, such as Google Maps, already use notifications to ensure you won't miss any instructions while you're using other apps, but don't feature integration or quick-switch options.

Sorry, iPhone users – this update is currently only available for Android. No plans for an iOS rollout have been announced.

Source: Spotify

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