The Tom
I like it! Can\'t wait for this to be released and extended to other itmes / uses
Where it says: \'the cooling process doesn\'t require any energy source\' it should say: \'the cooling process doesn\'t require any EXTERNAL energy source\'
This sounds like it would be handy when travelling or after hiking all day to your camp site. But I can\'t help be a little taken aback by the excessiveness of the product. Do we need to spend resources on a self chilling can? Do we want these things turning up in landfill? Even with the recycle bins I imagine most of the cans will just be left behind at bus shelters and on trains along with all the other energy drink cans.
Jonny Ward
Well actually it completely relies on external energy, it being an endothermic reaction. (Whether or not the drink is external is another debate I guess.)
Dawar Saify
This will become an everyday item.
Gage Hamilton
this is old news they already have self chilling coca-cola in japan, you can get them right out of the vending machines and it gets alot colder alot quicker
Bad Mono
I saw a show about a Japanese company that created a self-cooling can several years ago. I can only find a reference to a self-cooling keg.
Michael Crumpton
It would be so much cooler if this was reusable and you could put your own drinks in it.
Michael Mantion
This will be a novelty, then a flop.
First thought, awesome!
Second thought, when will this be an everyday item??
Would save a truckload for shops as they wouldn\'t have to keep things \"chilled out\". This is a good thing for the environment; only expending energy to cool things exactly when we want it cooled.