Hooray. I have just subscribed and the interface is like the old Gizmag in that each picture has a synopsis of the story beside it. So, not only am I rid of the annoying adverts but I am able to better select which stories to open as I browse the list.
Thank you all for remaining independent and not giving in to external pressures! Keep up what you're doing, I'll be sure to subscribe soon.
Thank you! Your analysis of the situation and your response to it is liberating. An awesome example for others. I just subscribed and love it.
Ralf Biernacki
I'm in Europe, so I cannot subscribe now---but I will, when it becomes available. The price right now is reasonable---much more, and I wouldn't bite ;-). BTW, the premium feature I would like the most is the ability to DL a *.pdf of an article I find interesting, at the push of a button. It's possible to do it by hand now, but a button would be more convenient. Another nice premium feature would be to be able to keep a log of the articles I commented on.
I'd stop using an ad blocker if web sites would stop making their advertising so damned intrusive. Embedding ads all over the place and running video ads without my say so is rude. Having to click on "Next" many times to read a story is a pain and is the reason I stopped reading news papers. Embedding ads slows the speed at which pages load and my time is valuable. As far as I am concerned, if there are too many ads, I stop going to that site thereby reducing your revenue anyway. You need to find a happy medium.
Simos Kozanidis
I will happily pay this 19$ once you offer it for oversea users
This is as brilliant as the name change was ridiculous. Can't wait for it to be available in Canada.
Paul Karaffa
Awesome. I wish more went in this direction. I literally get 90% of my technology news from New Atlas. Much love. But money is tight right now. Will subscribe in the next few months. Thanks for the flexibility as well. This will go a long way towards users getting their own preference.
Captain Danger
I have no problem paying for content I like. Gizmag is my favourite website and I have witelisted it with my adblocker but will sign up as soon a you make it available in Canada. Which begs the question what do you need to change in order to make it available everywhere?
Can we please address the elephant in the room: ads are necessary but have become the largest source of malware. I like ads, ads show me things I may want, not always, but enough. Advertising won't let me directly edit what topics and kinds of products I am interested (bad, but not a deal breaker) and then they become the source for malware (deal breaker). So I am blocking ads, I will not be signing up for a subscription as the responsibility for what happens on a site is that sites. If this means New Atlas will stop me from viewing, that's too bad but it's not in my control, nor is anything I'm going to lose sleep over. I think that there is enough sites like this who are stuck between a rock and an ad space (pun intended) to actually get the big ad providers to fix their platforms so that ads are safe and contextually relevant to the user.