I realize this is the way technology is headed, but when I look at this I ask myself..."how many times have I wiped clear my Iphone today to clear the grease, gum, and gunk off of it? And now here's a full desktop display I can only picture as smeared constantly..People have oils and who knows what on their hands, it will never go away. Constantly touching your screen will soon assure you don't have much to look at.
Peter Winquist
I wonder how long before IBM starts a lawsuit ? Remember the tile-based OS2 O/S ? (Which was far better but far more expensive than 3.11)
No. Next question.
Yudi Sahputra
I am not sure about your statements in regards to Microsoft "seeing" the vision for the Post PC Era because when Apple said that, they actually meant getting people off Windows machines. I believe Apple still has the strategic might as they have released the 3rd iteration of what Microsoft is planning to release already. I don't know how a 1st gen device has the potential to beat a 4th gen device. Similar how to a 1st gen car model vs a 4th generation model.
"putting a full desktop style OS on a phone would simply not work. It wouldn’t be affordable and besides, who wants a desktop on their phone? Literally, no-one."
I want it, providing the battery holds up. Windows RT is weird. I'd rather see a more fully developed WP.
Mel Tisdale
I just wish that Microsoft would try to understand that some, me included, would much prefer to have some say in the way our computers operate. I currently have Windows 7, which is constantly trying to tell me how I want my files organised. How the f*** does it know? I would much prefer the XP file system, even though it was illogical in some areas, which I now forget, at least I could decide exactly what folder went where, not have the damn computer tell me to put it in some library, which I don't want. I tried to buy an XP system because I was so fed up with Windows 7, but they were not available and I could not load my old system, which I had bought and paid for, incidently, onto my new computer.
If Microsoft want to change the world, by all means get on with it. But PLEASE offer those of us who just want to do the day job, ie. earn a crust, and don't have the time or inclination to learn a new system every time they buy a new computer the option to stay as we are. If I buy a new computer, I want the option to load my old operating system. Heaven knows how much Microsoft costs the economy in lost production time due to computer operators having to learn a new system, instead of doing what they are paid to do.
And while I am at it, we need far more options on the control panel so that we can make the machine do what we want, not what some geek in a pair of jeans and a T shirt thinks is a groovy idea and technically fun to do. I want a mouse and a keypad, thanks, no matter how much fun you, Mr Microsoft, think your system is to play with with its touch pads and swipe screens. I don't want them because I am a Ludite. I want them because I can work quicker using them. I can thus earn more money by using them and guess what, Mr Microsoft, earning money is what I use a computer for. IT IS NOT A TOY! To some of us, computers are tools, no more, no less. The easier they are to use, year in, year out, the better a tool they are. With Windows it is like having to learn to drive again each time I buy a new car because all the controls are in a differnt place and function differently. Grrrr!
I've refused to purchase any tablet or the like so far. None of them seem useful for anything other than play. I'm quite stoked about W8 and while I don't agree with ALL the changes, I'm certainly in support of the new OS. It will definitely be my first touch screen device. And I wash my hands regularly so I doubt I'll have to clean my screen as much as the other commenter. I also like to use a stylus when convenient.
David Choy
You've got it wrong. Microsoft are playing chicken. They're not confident Windows RT can compete with iOS and hence are releasing windows 8 and the surface tablets (see I'm already confused what to call them? Surface pro tablets vs regular surface tablets running RT?) with two flavours.
Once again instead of achieving "cover" for all possibilities they are in fact confusing the public, just like they continually do with multiple versions of windows. How are you going to sell to consumers? Do you ask them whether they want a gimped windows RT tablet which will be cheaper vs a "pro" tablet with a desktop experience hidden? Not to mention the headaches associated with covering two different CPU architectures (from a developer point of view). How are they going to convince developers to commit to a distant third app store when they have to produce two different versions?
As usual for microsoft a too complicated approach to a new system. I see a vista/windows ME PR disaster written all over windows 8
Ender Wigin
Edgar Castelo
A glitzy ode to Illiteracy and mental laziness. No, the Elitists can proclame what they want, I, for one, LIKE reading and writing, in full sentences, what I think, and no Talking Points, and that's it. Windows for Effetes! What a laugh.