Jon Smith
I'll believe it when I see once actually produced...
Doug Way
Seems to me that if you have 3 wheels it is a trike not a bike. Too cool I wish that I had all the cash to purchase. What will the Captain come up with next? Definitely a road rocket. Good for Nevada for those long straight roads.
Al Taylor
Even Bat Man wouldn't be caught dead in that thing, nor would I as it seems like a one-off of an old 3-wheeler design which are no longer sold for good reason. Dammit Jim, go back to commanding imaginary spaceships as you have little talent in the real world.
Don Widman
These are the voyages of the Starship Self-indulgence, whose lifetime mission is to seek out ego aggrandizement. lol
I love the look and the specs, but honestly can't see Mr. S making any long distance runs on one. But best of luck and more power to him!
Lewis M. Dickens III
Isn't the B 58 more appropriate?
They both would have problems with the polar moment of inertia.
And where do you rest your feet? On the corner of the Valve Covers?
Great way to get a hot foot!
Delta trikes, especially rear-engined ones, are inherently light up front, hence steering and braking hampered. The first asteroid-dust covered corner Capt. Kirk encounters, or comet-iced hard stop and he'll rethink his scheme. A good prop for a movie, but not a practical vehicle. If he does hit something hard having the weight of the engine behind will make a firm impression on him. Spock would have logically disapproved.
Jay Finke
Thats a ugly ride BUT it kinda grows on ya, back in the day this would have been considered a beautiful ride. and the more I look at it, the more I like it ! And it's not a daily commuter so any flaws are no big deal.
Mark Desade
The limited ground clearance for the rear integrated bumper and housing will get damaged fast in the real world. Potholes, steep driveways or speed bumps will wreck havoc on it.
Jim Sadler
Suicide in my opinion. The kind of hp in a conventional trike format is not going to be very safe unless a great grandmother drives it at very low speeds. So why does anyone want 500 hp in a basically unstable platform? As far as cornering ability goes please dial 911 before you enter a turn as you will probably need an ambulance and a police report before you get through the turn.