Chris Winter
Well done boys. Simple cheap idea which will make you very very rich. You win the game :)
Marcus Carr
I'd have liked something that shows the science behind this. It seems to violate the law of the conservation of energy. If it was this easy, why wouldn't you just replace the mattress with another Windcatcher, or daisy-chain a few of them until you were able to propel an airplane with breath alone? I'm sceptical...
if it sells at the same price as the conventional valved mattresses I'll buy it but I don't have enough problem with the regular valve to justify additional cost. I watch where put the mattress and use a straw to put the air in. If you breath normally while inflating things like that it is much less of a chore and doesn't take much longer. The straw can also disable the one way valve making deflation easy as well.
re; Marcus Carr The valve works the same way as the inflater in the emergency escape ramps on airliners do. The device is called a thrust augmenter and they have been used to great effect but they require an initiating airstream much faster than optimal for the airspeed the plane is traveling at because the initiating airstream is massively slowed as it accelerates the large air mass so even under optimal conditions more than one creates more drag than additional thrust. Oddly enough the DC-8 was inadvertently built with one. The thrust reverser when half deployed behaved as a thrust augmenter and reduced the noise generated. It was standard operating procedure to fly with the thrust reverser half deployed until the turbofan engine replaced the turbojets and made them uneconomical.
I would imagine that this new valve wouldn't cost anymore or add any extra weight. I'm just sick of leaving air mattresses and pool toys inflated because I hate to re-inflate them for every use. At $80 w/shipping, and no tax, that beats the prices of the nice camping mats at my REI here in Colorado. Now, if I can only use it as a pool float too?
Colter Cederlof
Wow, this is definitely one of those, "why didn't I think of that" products. Nice work! (But seriously, why didn't I think of that!)
Michael Crumpton
This seems like a great idea, but the price seems a little high. I am guessing there is a flap inside the "mouth" that prevents the air from just coming back out again, but aside from that it seems simple. I could imagine that you could use the same idea with a mechanical blower for inflatable beds, to make them inflate faster or with a smaller blower. It also seems like you could make an adapter for existing air mattresses.
T N Args
A genuine eye opener, congratulations to the inventor, I hope he makes it big!
Joe F
I don't have any problem inflating a pad and there are enough inflation options that I don't think it's an issue. Deflating through a tiny valve, however, is a pita especially if you're in a hurry. If this really drains faster and more completely, I'm all for it.
Could this be the Coanda principle in action?