Tom Lee Mullins
I am looking forward to Windows 10. I do not care for Windows 8 or 8.1. Since I have Win 8.1 on my computer, I read I can upgrade for free; which I plan on doing once it is available.
Wesley Bruce
Can you pop a calculator up on top of a browser and make it small enough to find the numbers you want to check in the calculation? That's the one most important earlier windows feature that's missing and it drives me crazy because I can't remember numbers well.
Peter Kelly
I'm fascinated by the many complaints concerning Windows 8/8.1.
Certainly there were some annoying quirks, introduced with Windows 7, but for the most part you could run it just the same as XP!
I know some of the admin side changed too, which necessitated learning the different ways of doing pretty much the same thing, but in my experience it has been as solid as a rock. Indeed, I don't think I've had a single BSOD since I first upgraded from 7.
To be fair to Microsoft, building on XP was always going to be difficult in light of changing technology and the adoption of Tablets. And while Tablets have boomed, the uptake is slowing substantially as people find the limitations of power and battery life.
Vista was a dog and 7 was its dinner (how slow can an OS be???), but I think 8 is actually pretty good, so I'm very optimistic about 10 if they have made it better!
Richard Unger
If it aint broke don't fix it. I had W8 for 30 Mins and dumped it for Windows 7. For now I'm staying on Windows 7.
Did they clean up the WinSXS-eating-your-free-space mess?
Michael Muchmore
These things are not annoying if you become accustomed to them. It's darned handy to ALWAYS have access to settings, sharing and so on from the charms. Same goes for always access to all apps with the Start screen. If you spend more than a half our with the OS, you see that it's a far more efficient interface than Windows 7 or before. Once you realize the Start screen is simply a full window version of the Start menu, it doesn't bother you at all, and you come to rely on it. Windows 10 seems to be a mishmash of old and new, while 8.x was carefully thought out to be consistent and touch-friendly.
Only a few days experience with Windows 8 made trash it and become a Linux user. I found that many things MS apparently wanted to build into it already existed there. I will not return to Windows anytime soon, be it 9 or 10. At MS they focus on the media side too much and forget people need to actually work with the stuff they build.
Atul Malhotra
While I agree tablets are a pretty darn uselss product for the apalling battery backups, I have never faced any majot issues with using Win 8.1 on my Windows tab. For my non touc screen desktops, I stick to my trusty old friend, Win Xp, and I ain't changing it anytime soon !
Mark Keller
I just used the "Desktop" and avoided the apps screen altogether.
Ken Dawson
This is great news! These were the most annoying thing in Windows 8 (and the main reason I refused to upgrade). My systems are still running Windows 7. I've been waiting for an update like this to come along. Let's hope Microsoft can deliver the version of Windows that everyone wanted in the first place.