Island Architect
Fantasia and fantastic, absolutely wonderful and of course extremely ingenious!
Wow, truly wonderful on so many levels. The concept has a Victorian aspect that feels very modern. I look forward to viewing again. Catchy tune too.
DDHawk even more complicated music machine than the calliope, well done ;)
Douglas Bennett Rogers
Remarkable achievement with all Victorian technology!
Remarkable! Clever, ingenious and it works. I'll bet there are no fat musicians in this orchestra. He was working hard to keep it fully wound in the video. Perhaps the next stage could include and electric motor drive?
Congratulations to Martin Molin on a most unusual achievement.
Its more music-box instrument hybrid I would say. Instruments stop playing when you walk away from them.
The fact that it's not motorized makes it more appealing. Lots of detail in the 2000 ball bearings and 3000 parts. It's left in an unpolished and almost crude like state possibly on purpose. As much a visual feast as well as an aural experience.
Bob Flint
Mesmerizing....well worth the watch...
Vanilla Cat
Absolutely brilliant! He seems to have forgotten the shoulder strap though.