Impressive stuff, and seemingly viable. But what gets me about drones is the noise: can you imagine a neighborhood with several of these vehicles; the sound would be like the loudest stadium full of vuvuzelas. How about using slower rotating, wide-chord propellers with adjustable pitch, or is that not suitable for electric motors?
I'm skeptical for a different reason. Suppose your landing pad is like mine and has a bit of gravel or some debris from nearby trees. The down-wash from the props is going to propel that stuff away from your landing -- fast! You'd injure bystanders and break windows. Flying cars will come, but only after we build up infrastructure to make landing and takeoff safe.
Love it.
Flying car? Where are the wheels? How do you actually drive this thing? Where is the 'car' part of this?
Two things: first, the BMW scooter (both of them, the C650GT and the C600 Sport, recently renamed the C650 Sport) have a 650 (technically 647)cc engine, not 600. Why BMW named the latter a C600 despite having the exact same engine and drive train as the 650GT is anyone's guess, though I imagine some marketing genius thought it a good idea.
More importantly, given the level of moronic idiots driving in 2 dimensions today, the thought of one of these self-important easily-distracted losers hovering above is positively petrifying.
Now we're talkin'. ME WANT ONE! I know there are plenty of problems with public ownership of air vehicles, but having a little model like that would be just great. I shudder at the cost, coming from BMW and the aviation industry. Now to work out the warning systems which light up the area of your Surefly in the direction which some idiot just entered your airspace. (NNW section of the cockpit lights up, etc.)
"...promising that affordable personal flight is now tantalizingly close."
Bwahahahahahahahahaha. Like we haven't heard THAT before.
They're getting there. At least the unshielded props are above the passengers heads unlike on the more unstable Chinese, low hedge trimmer version. Speaking of which, it could use its self -driving feature.
@f8lee If we get flying cars, they will have to be driverless (pilotless) from the get go. Considering we already have autonomous drones, the leap to creating a personal flying vehicle that you simply get in and set a destination is not beyond current technology. Although a centralised traffic control system will be needed when the skies get full.
I can't wait. I'm seriously thinking about buying an Icon A5 but this seems cooler, more versatile. Cheaper...