An obvious entry which has not been listed are alternative energy sources. I guess we haven\'t got any low cost, high effeciency solar panels or nuclear fussion to look forward to this year. ;-(
Bruce Miller
Look to China where Thorium fissioning reactors will prove safer, cheaper to build, cheaper to fuel, and capable of fissioning waste from older Uranium fissioning reactors as well. Canada's CANDU rectors have had these capabilities since the 1950's but were "bullied" out of the picture by the American Arrogance. Fact is: two CANDU's run on thorium today in China! Expect cheaper Thorium fuelled reactors to provide electricity for electric bullet trains, now being daisy - chained across the vast Pan Eurasian Alliances to resolve the high cost of oil, and to provide domestic powered, cheap, fast (320 kph), reliable, comfortable, transportation to that huge continental reality. Look for small light cheap rechargeable battery cars for the very much shorter hops that require rubber wheeled transportation, and a rebirth of fully train trolley, subway, serviced housing schemes for city dwellers, U.S.S.R. styled communal apartment blocks complete with restaurants, shopping Malls, stores, amalgamated negating the need for the daily commute and runs to the shopping plazas. Expect rockets to space to be reduced to practical communications and defence efforts, NASA's pictures to enter the scholastic fields the only place they have real value, and the nonsensical notions of manned bases in the heavens to be forsaken as the funds are diverted to real problems right here on earth. Expect: Smaller privately purchased reactors, Wind Turbines, Solar installations, Small Hydro systems, On-shore Tidal and Wave powered air compressors with electric generator schemes, Smaller scale Geothermal efforts, even anaerobic digestion schemes for methane gas, All supporting communal efforts at survival of the masses of 'unemployables" created in the U.S. by the transfer of Capital and manufacturing to Asia. Expect much "Off Grid" technology, barter systems aquaponic systems, basic gardening, super insulation, Straw Bale R 60 homes, Passive Solar home heating schemes, Gray water re-use, frugal lifestyles opposite the Great Corporate American Propaganda Whore's mesmerizations, incantations, exhortations and cunning deceptions for what constitutes a "Happy Life" , and even a re-birth of religions as prior to the whore's influences upon the people. Expect much more to be done by telecommuting, Expect businesses to be influenced greatly by the Asian models, and much of the American approach to drop away. Expect new Asian bosses installed in boughten American Corporate interests and managed as "Branch Plants" from Asia, and in Asian style, by Asian standards, and for the benefit of Asian Capitalists following some of communism's influences from China. Expect the Chinese Yuan to replace the U.s. Dollar as "international currency for exchange" shortly after the bills come in for the Iran situation and the wars there. Expect the "Feds" the deceitfully named, private, not elected, not appointed, organisation of international criminals, to proceed with Q 3, 4, 5, 6 "Easings" - money printing sessions with out any real backing - paper money printing sessions designed to devalue everything the American peon may have accumulated or hopes to attain, to balance their own books, tho churn money to gain criminal increases in dividend checks - the "skim" on American armpits, American properties. Expect a "population Bomb" from China! They are buying soy beans from America in huge quantities, Oil from Canada, Minerals from Africa, in preparation for a rapid increase in their population to balance their economic equations, as their work force grows older and retires - all this on the backs of the rest of the world - the new blood will man the factories, maintaining China's status as "Manufacturer to the World" and the old will eat, survive to a natural death in old age. Meanwhile in America job scarcity will sky-rocket as we return to ground, live even Off Grid for survival, and watch as greed destroys all our fore fathers left us. Expect, that in decades America will be reduced to Third World country - witness the rot already eating at the American soul. Look to the ruins in Detroit City, Remember the fantastic Oldsmobiles? Buick Electra 225's, Cadillacs? Packards? Lincolns? America only decades away from collapse now, as Honda's, Toyota's, Hyundai, rule the American roads. Look to an America awash in humanocidal nuclear wastes from Uranium fissioning. 80 % Americans live within 40 miles of a Uranium fissioning reactor, American reactors accumulating up to four times their design capacities for humanocidal waste as we speak. We are promised, "There will be no accidents here in the U.S. of A". 9/11 then? Expect a regional disaster - it is in the odds, statistically likely and there is no solution, remedy, cure, contingency, Special Forces, no amount of bravado, strutting with guns in hand, posturing, killer missiles, secret drones, no legalese, political statement, congressional order, not even an "Emergency" plan, no special battalion, there is no humanly known way to clean up a nuclear mess! Witness: sarcophagus at Chernobyl needs replacing - no one standing in to do it, to pay for it. Fuckoshima's poisons will inevitably be dissolved, washed to sea, fed to algae and take the long run up the food chain through bio-concentrations, to humans at the top of that chain - not a solution - a disaster happening as we speak of proportions only our children's children will describe and with derision, and possibly through genetically damaged mouths. We witness in our times: America, God's potential Eden on Earth, a biological anomaly, utterly desecrated by Vulture Capitalism in three hundred years.
We have new renewable energy (solar) third of cost three times plus more efficient...sit tight, should be consumer ready within 3 years.
Mel Zimmer
The Green Revolution 2.0!!???!! Really! Has Gizmag been getting money from Monsanto? Their GM BS and chemical approach to growing actually uses much more water than organic farming. As far as claims for more production, tell that to the farmers in India who have been committing suicide en masse, because of failed crops due to Monsanto\'s Green Revolution 2.0. Undermines your credibility.
Why don\'t we just connect Bruce Miller to a generator and solve all of the world\'s energy needs?
It does seem that while the rest of the world is busy installing consumer owned solar rooftops on their houses, that a user friendly, easily installable unit was not on the top of the list. Guess our lawmakers and sciences will keep marching to the drumbeat of the oil money.
Regarding number 3-Green Revolution-I have developed on paper only an electro-mechanical system for accelerating photosynthesis. I cannot afford to build a proof of concept mechanism. I\'ve tried to get someone to publish the concept, but have received no replies, with the exception of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The problem is, their publication publishes only in-house news on their research. Any ideas?? Origo1
Jay Lloyd
Lol @ Kradak
i don\'t need to add a damned thing to the debate....BRUCE MILLER HAS SAID IT ALL!!!! except to add that successive governments will always put a spanner in the works!
personal flying must get mention. roads destroy valuable land, multi person, slow TOL and userfriendly navigation and steering will be required. people will want to park the device on balconies or roofs.