you forgot the 1910 Fiat S76. They were also the Unofficial "fastest car" in the world at that time.
Dan Lewis
Well said, sir Hector.
What a marvelous collection of automobile history. KUDOS. Many thanks to all who put this wonderful narration together. This was a real treat for an old car buff like me!
No purpose-built racetracks before 1914? The Los Angeles Motordrome, in Playa del Rey, was a 1-mile board track designed for car racing; it opened in 1910. There was at least one other car-racing board track in the U.S. alone before 1910.
Mike Hanlon
The Fiat S76 was a one-off. The article is about road cars. Purpose built racetracks began to appear in the middle of this period, which is why Brooklands features so heavily.
Well done! What an amazing piece of work and well researched. Thank you.
What an extraordinary article. Thanks you so much. It's magnificent.
Nicolas Zart
Excellent article! I rode in a steam Serpollette in Nice a few years ago. It was an amazing experience. A few hours to light it up and bring it to pressure. Tons of levers, pedals, and whatnots that need to be operated at the same time. It makes driving a Model T a walk in the park. You sit very high up the ground. These guys were made of a different stuff than we are today. They were fearless!
Wow, what a fascinating read. It's the progress from 1897-1905 that blew my mind. Great article and a lot of time has been put into it, I'm sure. Well done and thank you!
Many of the cars of this period appear to be right hand drive. As a Brit it looks "right" but I wonder why this was and when things changed.