Oh great, just what we needed - another bloody gun! What is it with these people? - They come up with a great new technology, and the first thing they think of is "I know, let's see if we can make a gun with it!". What is the point? !!
Mário Varandas
wouldn't it be better if they started doing some prosthetic hip or knee? Something that could be done in O.R. suitable to every patient and lower health costs?
making real working guns? that is NOT a good exercise, history should have thought you better...
Charlie Channels
Great....just what we needed: anyone with a 3D printer can now make guns.... What's next? Printing bomb components? I'm sorry for my harsh comments, but aren't we all sick of all shootings?
Frederick Potter
I am not surprised the printed a gun. It will make a much bigger splash in the media than a prosthetic hip. I knew the day would come, but I didn't expect the technology to move this fast. Costs will drop. Other models of 3D printers will come out soon. It will be impossible to stop plans circulating around the net for all kinds of weapons, bombs and other implements of destruction. 3D printing is going to be the next technological revolution in the world, and guns are only one of the scary things that it will usher in. Buckle your seat belts! Things are about to change in a huge way. But not everything will be bad. It will also be able to create some great good in the world. Isn't this the case for all technological revolutions?
Richard Unger
Why if your not an enforcement officer would you want a gun. Printing your own gun is nothing but bad news for people who do want them around. This is nothing more than bad news.
Vladimir Popov
Americans, all they want is more guns. Food replicator?
1:39-1:40 mins into video you see the slide return after the shot is very slow. curious why
Sam Joy
The idiots who are against gun ownership are in for a reality check, The new technology of the future is here NOW!, and the barbaric and primitive social structure of thinking of the Liberal mindset is not able to find any solutions because of the inherent ideology subjectivity. Logic is the only way to combat this new threat to society, it's not that I'm against gun ownership, because I'm not!, what I'm against is any idiot with a 3-D Printer spitting out production of any weapon without responsibility of it! ...We are as a society have no choice but to mature in order to survive and progress forward into the goal of attaining to be and accomplish in being an advanced peaceful civilized social culture and society in which we can live with one another no matter the differences among us!...That will have to be the new and logical ideology employed into all the different social and political cultures that makes us human....let's see if we are up to this task and endeavor that seems to always be oblivious to us all!..."Perception is everything, but everything is never perceived by those making distinctions without differences in failing to master the obvious."....
Jay Finke
Nice a gun, this shows how far we have come with this 3d building, a 45 is a big gun with lots of forces working against it, proving the 3d a neat machine that can bring ideas to life for testing quickly, for all sorts of new products. good job guys !
this isn't just another gun its a remake of a classic .45 cal pistol that has been in service for 102 years and its the sidearm I carried while serving in the Army. printing this weapon is a technological marvel, the first of its kind with many more innovations sure to follow.
for those that are sick of guns but want to remain free, you're conflicted, don't know history and don't realize whats going on with the shootings. the common thread in each event was pharmaceutical drugs. every single shooter was on psychiatric drugs and all of them claim side effects of "suicidal tendencies and violent thoughts." thats where the problem lies. we've had guns throughout our history so why is it only now when 20% of the US population are on psychiatric medication that we have these horrific, violent episodes.