Joel Detrow
Will smartphones never stop getting more capable?
How many can function before they are jamming each other?
Martin Hone
Interesting, but maybe a solution looking for a problem ?
@ Joel - Yep. As soon as there is no more room for the actual phone function.
@Martin Hone surely automatic doors are the problem being solved? I mean currently the infra-red detects only movement and frequently people are hit by the doors if they move slowly, old or less able people being an example?
Also useful for automatic parking cars, collision avoidance, pre-emeptive air-bag/seatbelt activation.
The list extensive if you think about it.
I want one to combine with some Lego and a laser. Should make for a pretty fun anti-mosquito (with some safety measures to make sure no harm comes to non-targets).
George Ganak
Is this the essential ingredient to allow infotainment in automobiles while the pilot or driver is otherwise engadged? Smartphones will become an essential ingredient in future generations of auto's and trucks.
So cool! Combined with the 3-axis accelerometer on a chip and you've got really cheap positional and attitude awareness. Awareness to 3m distance is perfect for a slow moving toy. There are going to be some really really cool autonomous bots coming based on this: better robotic vacuum cleaners for one. It's important to foresee the evil purposes this will be used for as well. I could easily imagine this technology helping to enable tiny little assassin robots that can fly in hard and fast and shoot poisoned darts, then self destruct.
Jeff Haddrick
Will an app be able to use this chip to create a, very hard to detect, radar detector?
re; Jeff Haddrick
Most police are using lidar instead of radar both to defeat radar detectors and prevent claims that it was a different vehicle or the top of the tires that the speed was taken from. They also said something about safety.