A video of this would be real nice.
Jason Woods
Might have to switch Kymera back to Gas now... http://www.gizmag.com/kymera-electric-body-board/24289/
Brian Mcc
This ones a V-12 and smaller...
Since it is supercharged they should look at selling them to UAV manufacturer's. They would have to add variable timing for changing altitudes though....
Brian: Small, amazing - yes but ICE - NO and not in production and available. Big difference.
To all: Feast your eyes (and ears) on the videos here: http://www.conleyprecision.com/online_videos.htm
Small is beautiful, but what are the emissions/kW?
Marvin McConoughey
The most amazing facts about this engine are that it is in limited production and that Mr. Conley appears to have done the difficult engineering of creating a practical power plant. Congratulations, Mr. Conley. I am highly impressed.
Walt Stawicki
100 cc and still not 10 hp? production motorcycles are already past this onceuponatime barrier. And unsupercharged. Somebody better go back and look at something? 100 cc should come out near 15 horse! no, really! or is it merely that a 8 cyl is massively frictional.
why not use small scale and some "3-d printing" machines? then we could do some r and d ..things like rotary sleive valving for better breathing per volume and be rid of poppet valves which were introduced in the late middle ages in mining water draining pumps and still are the default.
I also notice injectors atop and below the "supercharger" depending the pix? any difference noticable?
It seems clear that Conley was not trying to develop an engine for pratical future use. He was developing a scale model engine for a particular purpose. On that concept he has succeeded in a grand manner!