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Launching is one thing (relatively easy). LANDING is a whole other story and MUCH harder with the ship (and deck) rolling with the wind and rising and falling with each trough and crest of every wave.
Robert Walther
Gosh! It is a shame the Navy didn't think of the problems about landing. Cancel the Program.
Given that high speed missiles can be flown into moving cars I don't think getting the drone to hit the right place on the carrier deck will prove to be an insurmountable obstacle.
S Michael
Landing on the calm sea and a pitching sea are two different things. They take up space on the AC so they will be limited to calm seas.
Bill Bennett
it has already been done cable arrested landing on land, no pilot on board means a more maneuverable aircraft, this is the future
Something like twenty years ago the Navy did some conceptual studies with actual physical tests for capturing a damaged aircraft. Essentially, think of a catchers mitt. Coupled with the normal catch lines this can accommodate any issues with landing. Not having a pilot on board should actually make the solution easier than with piloted aircraft.
Ron Evans
Hey Russia and China. Y'all perfect the landing so we can steal the knowhow from you and save billions. OK ???
Stephen N Russell
See 2005 movie STEALTH on DVD, shows similar UAV type then. Sci Fic becomes fact in such a small timeline 2005 to 2013
re; Stephen N Russell
There is huge difference between a drone that can perform some simple functions autonomously and an artificial intelligence that can choose to disobey orders.
Charlie Nudelman
Re:Ron Evans The russians can launch a Su 31 (equivalent to f15 ) from the Admiral Kutnesoff deck... Without catapult... Have also supersonics UAV (operationals... for almost 30 years) And were able to land a Space Shuttle autonomous 20 years ago... Yes... They can.... :)