Steven Foster
Thank you it is nice to read an article that isn't biased I have read so many articles about both systems were you can tell the author is putting more opinion than fact. Keep up the good work I think I found a new place to stop for my tech news. Xbox one buyer by the way because it's what I want and feel is going to fill my needs as a gamer.
Tech wise they're both the same. I'm a PC gamer and every gen of consoles I get a little jealous and think I'm going to buy one but this time around neither have free multi-play(come on sheeples, this should be free) and with all this PRISM stuff going around it is a bit creepy that one will have a camera that will aways watch and listen to you that is mandatory for the function of the console. Oh, and that is the US designed one, a bit more creepy.
I don't know, this just makes STEAM look a bit more appealing and I think this gen PC gaming will grow. PC gaming doesn't even mean MS anymore, you can also play on Mac and Linux during this gen of consoles. I hope both sell extremely poorly so they cut the crap and give free multi-play, no restrict us on lending and buying used games, and get rid of the creepy gadgets that watch us all the time please.
What a total waste of time as a review. Full of nothing of any substance, no intelligent insight and this sort of straight comparison is just a waste of time. As we saw with Xbox360 and PS3, what looks like technical superiority doesn't translate into better gameplay or even graphics performance. There's far more at stake here than just games. The PS4 is a child's toy, as the playstation has always been. Microsoft has a strategic weapon in the living room and always has had since the original Xbox landed.
When Xbox first launched it was miles behind in terms of sales, and now it's miles ahead and it will remain so. The reason this will continue is because of the benefits Xbox gives to home owners that live in planning restricted areas where satellite and cable TV are not available. The xbox 360 and One become the gateway to mainstream TV for many in these areas. These people are not kids playing games, though they may have kids, or even play themselves.
Considering an industry requires an appreciation of the opportunities for people to fulfil their needs using something else. Look at the industry using a broader brush than just the Games industry and you realise that these devices are positioned in the Entertainment industry. Ask the question, what will a potential customer spend his money on instead of a games console? A DVD/Blue Ray player may be on the list. A satellite TV box, a pc, a music player, a fitness device, the list is endless. Xbox 360/Xbox One cover so many of these bases and thus they will attract more sales. Of course, the children and those of low intellect will see this as competition as purely a straight shootout between MS and Sony over a games console, but the One heralds in a new era in home entertainment which sadly, Sony can't compete with.
I've heard that Xbox One not just supports, but also requires Kinect. It is always on (it monitors you even when the Xbox is off), has an infrared camera, and a high sensitivity microphone. The console requires an Internet connection and we have now learned that the Microsoft has been a member of the PRISM program since 2007 and the government has total access to everything and anything without the need of silly warrants or oversight.
What could possibly go wrong?
Thomas Richardson
ps4 seems to be wisest choice....
John Pritchett
It says on gamestop for the PS4 Camera "From navigational voice commands to facial recognition, the PlayStation®Camera adds incredible innovation to your gaming" So that may be a confirmation that it features voice control. So now, Yes for both
I guess AMD/AMD insures they will always be second rate toys. They should make an elite box with Intel/Nvidia for folks who take it more seriously.
Kris Lee
After knowing that MS is sharing openly data with NSA including private data and data about possible exploits then would you trust MS product with always on microphone and camera in your living room?
Michael Simpson
@the master Xbox was never superior to PlayStation! (in my opinion) I think the ps4 (kids toy lol) will also support 4k video playback after a firmware update, so daja vous of the old blue ray player vs no blue ray player???
Plus the whole camera as standard issue, more Big brother from the us! I mean we all know our mobile phones are 24 hour listening devices if required but being force to have a potentially open ended surveillance system in my house with a required internet connection...
Sony all the way again for me!!
And a pair of titans in sli ;)
Zaron Gibson
The Master,
You are getting the wrong idea about what the Xbox One TV capabilities are. It can NOT replace your cable or satellite box. You still need an active cable or satellite receiver. The Xbox One will just let you change channels, and will supposedly have it's own TV listings. There's also the useless sports features such as fantasy football team stuff.
You also somehow think that the PS3 doesn't have a Blu-Ray player. It does, as did the PS3 before it (unlike the 360)
The video card in the PS4 is 50% more powerful than the one in the Xbox One. Also, the ram speed difference is huge, not to mention the larger overhead the Xbox One has for it's OS (3GB instead of the PS4's 1GB). This will all add up to make the Xbox One a slower machine.
"Of course, the children and those of low intellect will see this as competition as purely a straight shootout between MS and Sony over a games console, but the One heralds in a new era in home entertainment which sadly, Sony can't compete with."
This is pure fanboy ignorance. This is exactly what this article was trying to get away from.
Will, quite often I criticize you in my mind for not being objective, but this time you nailed it and I salute you for that.