As an amateur car stylist for most of my life (a field very close to my heart), i must say that this concept deserves a two thumbs up. The simple act of raising the fastback into a family car or estate is very practical. Especially possible with electrically blackening the glass.
A mini truck with a fragile complicated bed cover.
Philip Morgan
Old idea
I designed a very similar car based on a Honda Civic in 1975
Felix Bayer
Let's just hope some manufacturer will pick this and other ideas based on shape-changing cars up soon. There are real advantages to be explored
Bruce H. Anderson
What a concept! It just needs a cool!
An 80s Nissan Pulsar that you don't have to replace the hatch to convert?
Looks like a two-seater which, of course, means niche volume - not exactly what car manufacturers are going to be looking for with a family vehicle. "The perfect car for mid-life crisis" isn't the best marketing ploy either. My opinion: clever but a non-starter.
Depending on cost and fuel economy, I would definitely purchase it.
Like most people a pickup on rare occasions is exactly the vehicle I need. Now almost no rental place will let you rent a pickup for hauling. This is a nice solution. If I need too much, U-Haul, if small amounts this.
It really should make it so the back can fold down like on a regular pickup.
It should also have the ability to install back seats for when in wagon mode, or maybe they could be some how stored in the vehicle (in floor???) when in sports car or pickup mode.
Bryan Paschke
Over complicated. Sounds like a maintenance nightmare. Bets on if some part or parts will leak...a lot?
Richard D. McDowell
Ford did a concept of this in the '60s w/o the truck bit. Saw a picture on line the other day, but am not going waste time backtracking to find it.