A very moving video. I like the way it has been done. I wish them every success, and after all, why should they not succeed? Like the aircraft too.
Impressive group of company officers but the projected parameters sound pretty exaggerated. A little too much artistic license as well. Some of the drawings show the passenger load to be in front of all three turbofans. That would create CG difficulty in take off and landing. Fuel capacity for three hungry turbofans would be quite large even if one was shut down while cruising. A design with the center of lift moved forward, a cruise of 300mph, and a range of 300-400 miles sounds much more likely.
Beauty, let's do it...
Anyone that backs this venture better have some serious patience.
Synergy was on Kickstarter in May of 2012 and they still don't even have a working version of the craft, much less completed any certification work and this aircraft is much more complex, so unless the backing is much higher, it will not see air time in this decade.
Stephen N Russell
Seen this in Sci Fic shows in 60s, or similar, I say Yes produce this
Matt Fletcher
I love seeing these poorly designed VTOL vehicles. Save your money because there are a number of well made VTOL vehicles already being built, they're called Helicopters look it up.
Be really interesting to see if Synergy is able to raise the tremendous capital required to design, establish production, FAA certify an aircraft. Probably looking at over $100M, and possibly more. Much more.
You know what they say about making money in the aviation business?
"How does one make a small fortune in the aircraft business. First, you start with a big one..."
Not really viable aerodynamically. The mission would be more easily done with a 2 12' props tilt wing at 50% of the fuel consumption, 20% less weight. An even more simple based on the Flying flapjack, no moving ducts, wings needed would have even better economy. With enough power it would jump into the air and land in 50-100'.
John in Brisbane
Nice looking design. Love to see it in the air with the right details. Sadly, I know that aircraft start-ups don't have a good history regarding delivering and becoming viable. That doesn't mean that there is no room for innovation, just that I'll remain cautious for now.
More practically, I wonder about the economics of those fans - I'm assuming they've got a plan to make a lift fan also suitable for high speed flight. If so, that's a good trick. I'm sure there is a way to do it. Good luck!
Not very useful in the post-9/11 world. Big cities like NYC have placed major restrictions on where aircraft can fly. You won't be flying to your office or construction sites anytime soon.