"Judging by what we can extract from the available visual material, it probably retains the same central shock absorber architecture of the Tesseract." Doubt it, you can clearly see the rear wheels moving independently over the bump at the start of the video.
Lots more rubber in kontaqt with the pavement so the grip will be huge, right?
At speed, with a 2-wheel setup, you can bank at deeper angles in the turns and take them at a faster clip. With these quads that angle is limited, so easy on the throttle. The extra weight don't help neither.
Dan English
Curious if it will stand upright without the side stand or maybe the wheels are too close to one another?
Charlie, Galway
Hope she's not too hard on tyres...4 ouch.
Why??? Trying to make a motorcycle into a four-wheeled vehicle?!? I'm already splitting my sides, laughing whenever I see one of those motorized tricycles for adult-size babies, those "can-ams, I think they call them.
How heavy is this thing? 2 extra wheels and all that suspension has to weigh a ton. If I want heavy, I'll buy a Harley. (God forbid)
Craig Jennings
"Testing high speed cornering characteristics" If that's high speed then I guess we can say it doesn't have more wheels to go anywhere faster. You can ride over a large snake on the road sideways easier, now I see. It's for the Amazonian sport bike fanatics.
Tom Lee Mullins
I think that is really neat.
What is e purpose? Going over railroad tracks diagonally or making a motorcycle as heavy and complicated as possible?
Zachary E. Mohrmann
Another expensive knock off of the Tomahawk...! Something nobody needs and really just I candy for the rich with nothing better to do with their money...! Better off to a charity...!