Forest Fab
Does Jack White know about this?
the movie industry needs to hire this guy. They could use this sound in a LOT of films.
Geoff Lemon
Pink Floyd would kill for this.
Caveat Emptor
Interesting and really different, but just a comment on the title "sounds like a digital space violin"... In the space there's no atmosphere, so no sounds can be heard.
Mel Tisdale
It must be a bit of a bother taking it on the bus to gigs.
I would imagine that these sounds could be synthesised, but it is an intriguing instrument. No neighbours, presumably?
Pink Floyd, definitely, also Dead Can Dance.
Bob Ehresman
Plant and Page would love this!
Art Toegemann
Hard to believe these sounds are made without electronic effects, in post production say. But, that is the point. Hmmm...