Bill Bennett
Harry's fits my budget thank you.
Whatever happened to diamond tipped razor blades?
What am I supposed to understand by "...reduce the amount of disposable waste..."? The package it comes in? The used blades? Then the handle; STEEL?! Steel gets hot, well at least when you use hot water when shaving as I do. The design is cool, the handle is not [it's hot, when in use]. I've got several 'free' razors -those used to come with Christmas time, as a free gift buying your after shave- they're totally useless. Cover a part of the handle with silicon [inlay], anti slip and you don't burn your fingers.
Any metrics on what "longer life" actually means? If I can shave for a year, that's a worthwhile expenditure. If I'm spending nearly $50 per month or more, not so much.
Or just spend £25 on a double edged safety razor and £1.49 for 10 weeks (10) worth of blades. Since I switched from Gilette my shave is better, my costs are lower, and my face has the closest shave ever. In the UK, 10 Gilette cartridges cost between £15 to £20. They don't shave very close either, not after having a DE Safety razor shave.
Why waste money on this razor when there's a great low cost alternative? Get yourself a Muehle R89, German precision and elegance for a fraction of the cost.
As someone who can only use a cartridge for a single shave before disposal (and if I've gone too long between shaves I need two), I'd be interested to see if these live up to their promise.
Part of what makes the Wilkinson/Gilette blades so effective is that they are coated with Teflon to make them smooth as well as sharp. Will this new blade be as comfortable?
Yet another unnecessary use of expensive new technology. They're attempting to force feed these to the public. I'm 62 and buy a new $50 electric razor every decade or so. I don't think I'll live long enough to spend $180 more dollars on shaving items during my remaining decades. PASS!
I'll bet those blades will shatter nicely if dropped on the floor, even inside the razor. Has anyone here -never- dropped a razor? I didn't think so.
The coolth factor is OK, but the price kills it.
@W8post - Obviously, you've never cooked with nor been around anyone cooking with stainless steel cookware. The containment portion of saucepans, frying pans, etc reach and maintain temperatures hot enough to boil water, sear meat and similar tasks, all the while their handles remain... well... handleable. While certain issues may make this razor an undesirable choice, dealing with the temperature of the water coming out of your tap is certainly not likely to be one of them.
Bruce H. Anderson
I recall some time back reading about a Japanese company that had developed ceramic blades. It seemed they were too sharp, causing some "irritation" to the tester's faces. The ceramics are also brittle, like the sapphire, and would probably need some special handling.
This razor is expensive. I can get a dozen (or more) of the generic disposables for $3-$4 at my local drug store. Each lasts me a week, actually longer now that stubble is acceptable (better for my skin as well). So right now a year costs me $15 or less. For those of manly beardage like Bergamot69 there might be some semblance of a value proposition here, but it is probably a stretch.