It looks like an alien water craft on a distant aquatic world. It has a very scify look to it. It is both beautiful and odd at the same time.
Simply stunning. This woman's vision fascinates me.
I find it hard to believe that people would buy something that ugly.
Marco McClean
It's clearly a baby Wraith hive-ship.
That is the most hideous thing I've ever seen.
It looks like something in the latter stages of decomposition.
Er. A.K.Mittal
A truly interesting but intriguing design. I wonder what will be the views of the structural engineers on the shapes on the basis of aerodynamics and the wind drag ? Or is it that considering the low (16/14 knots?) speeds the drag may not be a factor worth paying attention to ? Or the beautifying outer structure will also be of aerofoil design ? At any rate, a good and novel design .
Stanley Owens
I like that it has such an abundance of windows.
Interesting design but the performance is pathetic. All show and no go. It's just a pretty party barge. No ocean going ship should be slower than 20 knots cruising. For what it probably costs, 30 knots would be better.
Certainly stunning in appearance but appears to lack practicality. What's it's mode of propulsion as it probably requires gross quantities of energy to move. Why not make it an advanced hybrid (sailboat/engine). Use computers to generate models for the appropriate size, quantity, and placement of mast and sails that could be made of graphene or synthetic diamonds with Teflon (like the curtains on the Austrians winning design for the solar decathlon- with out the permeability). Then have the deck and even perhaps parts of the hull and anywhere exposed to light covered with solar panels. Then also when moored/anchored maybe the masts could have retractable wind turbines inside them that could capture more energy (if not in the mast then retractable stand alone turbines). With the size of that beast I image there could be a decent sized green house for increased independence inside the cabin or under the bilge which would be under an advanced engine that perhaps could capture solar/wind power to dehydrogenation plant the power a hydrogen engine that would emit more water for the green house, passengers, and fuel. If not at least an electric engine that captures solar and wind to occasionally supplement sails. Expensive of course but given the grandeur of Zaha's design, why not?
Bruce Williams
It looks like the sinewy face of Freddie Krueger and the interior has all the warmth of an operating room on the Starship Enterprise. It has been said the two happiest days in a yachtsman's life is when he buys a boat and the day he sells it. Every owner knows the provenance of the major boats and I doubt if anyone would want to admit he purchased this white elephant off the pre-owned market.