Steve Hill
Matt Rings
... and direction or travel? Might come in handy when traversing the backwoods and one gets turned around and lost on a cloudy day....
Will, the tink
I see these goggles as a perfect fit for the recreational ultra-lite flier, para sailor, motorcyclist, snowmobiler, in addition to the skier!
Nacho Lotitto
The next step should be a diving mask with all the information about the air reserve, direction and depth, linked with your diving computer via Bluetooth
Facebook User
You\'re right on it Will. And I would buy a diving mask like the one Ignacio described, if I were a diver, that is.
GPS goggle
This is exacltly what I need ,where can I get a pair?
Robert Jaykus
if only you could pair it with a Smartphone and have it show you your texts and other media as well...
As I said some time ago (Facebook User may recall), all display technology is converging on the inevitable and obvious solution (which this is a significant step towards) of a head-up see-thru display, projecting Full HD in 3D so that ALL digital imagery and data can be viewed and controlled in real-time. At the same time, twin micro cameras also built in to the headset (which will look like neat shades) will continuously record and (optionally) transmit, in 3D, the wearer\'s view to remote storage and broadcast equipment. No special 3D system is required as the recording and reproduction is the same as normal stereoscopic vision. WE WILL ALL BE ABLE TO EXPERIENCE EACH OTHERS\' 3D VIEW OF THE WORLD (AND BEYOND) IN THE PAST OR THE LIVE PRESENT. The other huge benefit of this will be the massively reduced power consumption of these devices, over power-hungry display screens. I am a bit surprised how little this obvious future is discussed, and wonder how many manufacturers realise the seismic shift in demand this will produce.
Chris Clarke
Hey Technut - you have just demonstrated to me the principle of morphic resonance! I have been boring my wife with this very same vision for the past year or two. I think you\'re 100% right. Can\'t you just see Google investing in that kind of hardware and offering it with adverts streamed based on your location & recent searches? (because of course it would also have your web/mail etc available). The ultimate wearable computing.
Forward Thinker
If it wasn\'t for the price I would definitely get some of these