So, it uses a 40 Ah battery, about the same as a very small car battery, or a motorcycle battery, why add all the zero's? The specification should quote volume, not square ft/m which is meaningless, 50 sq ft at 1/4 inch high, wouldn't do very much to cool anyone, except a few bugs scuttling across the ground. 1000 BTU is about 300 Watts, which might just about cool a dogs kennel, if it was a small dog. In the open air, it would be like trying to heat your campsite in winter with three 100 w light bulbs, and a fan. Anyone buying this device is wasting their money, if they think it will have any appreciable cooling effect in the great outdoors.
But those people at the beach look so comfortable...
if im right, the photos of people enjoying outdoors is probably using the device as a speaker
File this in the "just what we needed" department. There's something super ironic about this device contributing to the problem it is solving for.
Tom Lee Mullins
I think that is a cool idea for hot days. I think that would be great for camping, small campers and small houses.
I don't see this as a viable outside stand alone unit unless it was right up into your face. AS I see it - it would be better used as incorporated into a face shield or a helmet design to envelope the users face in A/C to cool their face/head down. Mounted as a back pack and plumbed into a helmet would render the wearer a nice encapsulated environment to which the wearer would be cool and comfortable as well also if the helmet was well sealed against the outside air. Reminds me of the A/C suits those Astronauts had had to be carried by one hand long ago. As far as batterys go - go with some standard like a 20v Dewalt in multiples to keep the cost down.
Judging by the length of the shadows, the people were on the beach in late afternoon/early evening, so it was probably quite cool enough without the 'air conditioner.'
Nik's comments are spot-on. The other commenters are right, too. What's the point of this sentence: "In closed quarters, it could reportedly be possible to bring the ambient temperate down to 44.6 F (7 C)." Using this device in a closed room would be pointless: Without a means for venting, it would add more heat than it removed.
I have a pontoon boat with a double bimini top that I had a full camper enclosure made for. It's great in the evenings but on a sunny 75 degree day the temp inside climbs to just over 100 degrees. I would love to have a portable unit like this but there's a few problems.
"In an enclosed space..." at what volume and what ambient temperature?
"5 hours of battery..." why not just let me plug it into my existing battery bank, a solar panel, or an already available power source? Why does everyone think they need to include a 40,000mah battery? There's already plenty of companies producing them and battery production is not what this company does. Let the battery company make the batteries and focus on just making the A/C.
Same can be said for the speaker and the light....
A cooler with a block of ice in it and a hole in the lid for a fan to blow in it will work just as well and lasts about as long...costs about $30.
This is disgusting, it amounts to environmental vandalism. Put a hat on instead.
Also within a closed space and being a refrigerated system it would not work as it puts cold air out at one end and hot air at the other. Therefore the amount of energy taken from the battery to run this thing would be the net output of heat into the closed space.