And still nothing with a seat height lower than 33". Bikes for 6'6" people only!
I am from that area (Felton/Scotts Valley) but I don't live there now. I guess I thought Zero was using the Agni/Lynch motor before now but I see one source that says they used a Motoenergy ME0913 in 2012 and the link mentioned they have been using a Surface Mount Permanent Magnet (SMPM) motor since 2013. From 2016 on they are using a Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) motor for most models.
I guess aside from all the battery advancements from one year to the next they have done a lot of work with various motors along the way too. Zero has created their own motors since 2013 and gives a presentation about various designs and the new motor here:
I haven't finished it yet but It's pretty interesting so far.
They really should make a cruiser. Let's be honest, most of those are not used for long distance traveling but for 20 miles of barhopping every weekend, and with a customer base as large as the cruiser fans there must be a lot who are not into the straight pipes, deafening noise thing. They could easily use the same motor, controller and battery pack.
My wife i 5'4" and she had no problem riding the DSR at a demo in Omaha NE.
It was not too tall at all. The trail bike was too tall for her but not the street bike she demo'd. Would love to have a Zero but seem too expensive and I'd like to see the range upped to 300 miles so that I'd never worry about it conking out because of the battery charge. I'd just like to ride without thinking about the charge the entire way.
The article does not mention 220V charging from house wall charger. The price for additional battery and for J1772 charge tank is enough to buy a decent used commuter motorcycle. For the price of a Zero DSR, one can buy a decent 1.0L or 1.2L sports motorcycle from BMW and have a bike with very high resale value and enjoyment factor.
I would pull the trigger on an FX today if the range were better off road, and the charging time came down dramatically. But I guess that's true of every electric vehicle out there for now. That said, it seems like every day you read about a battery that's coming out with much higher energy density and much quicker charge times.
Loz, Where's the video? You're videos are always a highlight of your review!
Zero needs a new designer because their bikes are just ugly.
John in Brisbane
Loz it was your hilarious video that originally alerted me to the fact that electric bikes were now a good thing. And it was another vid of yours that described the potential for losing your licence is a puff of joy. Ah, horsepower.

I've always been leery of ABS systems but now they're pretty mature in cars. The one in my 9 year old Forrester has only activated when absolutely necessary and didn't upset my control, even on loose surfaces. I hope bike systems get there soon.
Sorry, but that's not a dual-sport bike.