They make a reverse trike scooter. I wish they would have gone with a reverse config for this. I'd still love to see someone actually get their hands on a working one for the stated price and do a long term review on it. It seems impressively low priced but I generally tend to be skeptical about these sorts of things. I'm a little suspicious.
Something like this would be incredibly dangerous in a city like London- which tends to see a lot of 'stop-start' driving (the forte of an electric vehicle)- however, as London traffic can suddenly get up to speed quite quickly, this vehicle with its low top speed would be vulnerable to being cut up and literally run off the road.
I know it is not for speed but putting the two wheels in front would have made this trike a much worthier design. Hit a patch of anti-freeze, oil or whatever whilst going around a corner and that little front wheel will slide but probably not if the two wheels were up front. Why not just give it 4 wheels and then it would be safer and not loose hauling capacity by having two wheels up front. As is, it is a fail to me.
For $5700, how many squirrels are included?
Looks cool. But you will never get one in the US..... Big Oil will see to that..
Veronica Roach
Reminds me of the Italian 'Isetta' we had as a 2nd car when my kids were small in UK - very much like this but with the 1 wheel at the back - I used to toggle around my neighborhood with all 4 kids tucked into the back seat - that was BEFORE the days of laws requiring seat belts for every kid ! (1966 or so ) - very cheap to run, and a real pleasure to ride in, in the country where we lived - not so much in traffic !
I may be wrong but these scream Chinese and if so, will fall apart in short order sadly as we really need EVs like these. I drive a EV trike pickup of the same size hough much bigger MC wheel on front and 14' car ires on rear from a Kaw 750 front end and a golfcart transaxle hot-rodded with double voltage and larger dia tires give around 45mph. With used EV battery modules now no problem making these 100 mile cheaply. A good scrounger could put it together for $1k-2k.
Seems like a good pizza or Chinese food delivery vehicle..... that's about all....
Why all the descriptive gymnastics? It's an electric tuk-tuk.
This is likely an off the shelf Chinese design (like their other vehicles are AFAIK), with the possibility that they make the odd component in the US, and final assembly is in the US. (That said, I've heard some bad, bad things about their quality and customer service...)
That also explains the delta layout, because low speed delta trikes are a rather popular thing in China.
As far as city usage, depends on how assertive you are, and the speed limits in your city - how do light quadricycles like the Renault Twizy do on London surface streets, with a 2 mph lower top speed?