Subtle photo. Yeah, we\'re just looking at the buds.
I would buy the thing between the zipbuds.
Just why would you \"miss the latest tune\" on your iPod because you had to wait a few minutes? The iPod should have it stored so you can listen to it anytime, be it five minutes from now or five years. Personally, I would just buy one of the cheap silicone cord managers and use the best earbuds or IEMs I can afford rather than some gimmicky ones with questionable sound quality. If I had a dime for every unknown company that came along and claimed \"rich audio quality\"...
Bill Bennett
Busty Zipbuds! umm thk? think seduce not buy
Adam Nightingale
Hahahaha! My thoughts exactly yrag
Zipbuds? So that\'s what we\'re calling them now?
Kirill Belousov
That\'s pretty neat! I wonder how heavy those are though since the cable runs through the zipper? Is it made from some super light material? I see advantages though of the cable extra protection...
Facebook User
I\'d like to get tangled up with the model... Do they come in a version with a 2.5mm phone compatible plug?
We must study this photo further. For science.
@Loz You monster. [/portal2]