It\'s interesting, and not un-pretty, but I seriously doubt that it fits the definition of \"car\" when talking about collision protection, crumple zones, etc. - all those things that are required of a car and which force at least some of the shape out of the pretty aerodynamics that the engineers want. . .
Chuck Anziulewicz
Very \"retro-chic!\"
Zoltan Bod
Thank you Gizmag for running this Zoleco article!
In reply to socalboomer.....during the entire idea and design phase of this venture my mind has tried to be aware of the scope and complexities involved in building a car.The result is a car that seats four,is aerodynamically shaped...and will have built in crush zones tied into the full perimeter(caged)space frame.The intention is to offer crash servivability for the passengers so they can carry on enjoying their eco exotic sports car.
Matt Walsh-Sarnecki
in most states This is not a \"car\" it would be a \"Motorcycle\" Thus Requireing a Motorcycle License and Helmet. But still id drive it.
This makes an Aptera look like an albatross !!!
A T-Rex is enclosed with a roll-cage and does not require a helmet in most locales however it may require a motorcycle license, or not.
So did Zoltan Bod enter the Progressive X-Prize?
I\'m guessing the \"fun\" part in driving it is trying to get it over speed humps.
Bill Bennett
sweet to see Zoltan reply to questions about his car here on Gizmag, I believe that is the second time that I have seen the creator of a product to post, how can I sign up for more info on this car Zoltan? what is the top speed and range?
Mr Stiffy
Nice to see a decent car that suits a tight arse like me.
Be tight arse I don't mean "mean spirited" - I mean I rather get the most efficient use out of a resource, than to be wasteful.
A 1.5 liter per 100K fuel consumption, compared to an average ???? sedan getting say 10 - 15 liters per 100K - it means that someone is thinking right, while the rest of the corporate stupids are turning out gas guzzling "me-tooism" boxes for the masses.
Kudos for significant smarts and thoughtful design.
Canadian Eh? No surprise. Excellent design and specs - Nice Work!
Reminds me of first college car. 3 cylinder black Saab back in 1967. Doors opened in European old car \'backward\' style. Lawnmower principle of a can of oil per fill up. Got about 25 mph in Manhattan flats. Back of it had a lold down rear seat so could act like a station wagon for long painting stretchers. Real eye catcher.