For about 8 years, Above All C6(n) out of Dorset, UK, has been designing and engineering sustainable structures for use in the construction industry. The company's most recent project is a temporary shelter made mostly from recycled plastic that's designed for use at music festivals, sporting events or as homeless or crisis accommodation.

The Modular, Extensible, Scalable and Reusable Tecnic structures are created in kit form, so that a variety of different configurations are possible from base components made using flaked, single use plastic, predominantly from water bottles. The latest addition to the project is a pod that's currently made from 75 percent recycled plastics, but will move to 100 percent in the future.

The temporary shelter is made up of six shell components that can be flat-packed for ease of transportation and assembled on site. Solar power, an eco water supply and a bio toilet will be incorporated as part of the design.

The outer shell is ready to receive custom logos or advertising – the name of a pod hire company, for example, or contact details of a disaster relief non-profit – and the units can be stacked to form a kind of pod mountain.

"The Pod provides an instant, reusable accommodation solution," said the firm's founder Charlie Hall. "It's warm, comfortable and lockable. And while we are currently piloting the two-person unit, they will be ultimately be extendable and stackable with the potential to create entire 'villages.' But what makes it especially appealing is the fact that it provides a permanent use for single use plastic."

The first pod prototype debuted late last year and Above All C6(n) will begin creating a "bespoke modular living space for a client that will provide an alternative holistic solution to the outdoor accommodation market" shortly.

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