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Two-piece con rods claimed to boost low-end engine torque by 30%

November 13, 2022
Utah's Transcend Energy Group claims it has a relatively simple and cheap way to dramatically increase the torque output of combustion engines, simply by replacing the standard connecting rods with new two-piece designs with a secondary joint.


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  • China delivers world's largest container ship

    March 13, 2023
    The China State Shipbuilding Corporation has delivered its MSC Tessa megaship to the Mediterranean Shipping Company. With a deck area of about four football fields, it's capable of loading up to 24,116 TEU containers at a time, stacked up to 26 deep.
  • Amogy plans world's first ammonia-powered ship for 2023

    March 09, 2023
    Having already rolled out the world's first ammonia-fueled tractor and the world's first ammonia-fueled semi truck, Brooklyn company Amogy has now got hold of a 1957 tugboat, and plans to have the world's first ammonia-powered ship sailing this year.
  • Electro Nautic opens pre-orders on a wave-skimming hydrofoil for two

    March 08, 2023
    If you want decent range out of an electric watercraft, you need to eliminate drag – and that's the thinking behind the WaveFlyer Volaré, launching in Sydney this weekend. Smaller than some jet skis, it hovers over the water for a smooth, quiet ride.
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