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Battery-swappable Japanese e-scooter folds smaller than a briefcase

January 24, 2024
In all the buzz around eVTOLs, there's still plenty of appetite for more conventional electric planes – especially, it seems, if they make ludicrous amounts of lift, and can take off and land at incredibly slow speeds, using absolutely tiny runways.


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  • Rogue wave prediction system gives ships a five-minute warning

    July 19, 2024
    Unpredictable monster waves at sea can severely damage ships and offshore platforms, putting the lives of those who work on them at risk. A new system out of the University of Maryland uses a neural network to provide valuable early-warning alerts.
  • First Titanic dive since Titan disaster launches this month

    July 17, 2024
    The first expedition to the Titanic since last year's Titan submersible disaster that killed five people is on its way. The goal is to make the most detailed imaging survey yet of the historic wreck to ascertain how the sea environment is affecting it.
  • Scrap metal sets sail as 55-ft solar-electric catamaran

    July 10, 2024
    iYacht has been commissioned to help German TV and movie actor Daniel Roesner realize his vision for a "sustainable catamaran designed with circularity in mind." The 55-ft multihull will be built using scrap metal, reclaimed wood and recycled cork.
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