Joe Salas

A teenage Joe wanted to be an '1337 h4x0r' and create a world of havoc in the internet of things as a blackhat when the dot-com bustle began in the late 90's – blame Angelina Jolie as Acid Burn in Hackers for that. Sadly for Joe, he's not terribly good at math and never became much more than a hobbyist. At least this kept his rap sheet clean!

Though he's attained a personal high of 26th ranked in the world playing 1999's GOTY Unreal Tournament, he also couldn't figure out how to monetize his incredible FPS gaming skills. Instead, he found his calling in photography in his early twenties, and rose to notoriety as a racetrack action photographer with an eye for extreme motorcycle shenanigans – while also just quietly being a bit of a gun behind the handlebars himself.

His penchant for writing developed as he started capturing his personal adventures and experiences, along with photos, as part of his 4theriders photography business. As fate would have it, Joe's life on two wheels came to an abrupt halt in July 2022 thanks to a freak accident, which also sidelined him as an action photographer.

Joe writes from the heart – to the best that his highschool education will allow – and hopes to give you a laugh, to inform, and to connect. When not scouring news and technology feeds, Joe spends his days as dad to two adorable little girls, and his nights trying to stay awake long enough to play a bit of Starfield.