World's first commercial sand battery begins energy storage in Finland

July 05, 2022
Polar Night Energy says it's developed and commercialized a super-cheap, super-simple way of storing energy for anywhere between hours and months, simply using heated sand. Its first 8-megawatt-hour thermal battery has gone online in Finland.

Tiny shapeshifting robots brush and floss your teeth, kill bacteria

July 05, 2022
Like many menial tasks, there may soon be a way to outsource brushing your teeth to robots. A new system of microrobots can change shape to form bristles or floss, and don’t just brush plaque away but release antimicrobials to kill bad bacteria.

NASA loses radio contact with CAPSTONE lunar probe

July 05, 2022
In a development that's thrown a spanner in the works of its US$37.2-million Artemis moon mission, NASA has lost radio contact with its Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System Technology Operations and Navigation Experiment (CAPSTONE) CubeSat space probe.

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