Inflatable Basecamper turns Tesla Cybertruck into boundless micro-RV

December 01, 2023
The Tesla Cybertruck is finally official, and now there's the very first camper to go with it. The self-contained Tesla x Heimplanet Basecamper stays out of the way when driving and inflates into a cozy, convenient camping space on arrival.

At-home saliva testing could replace daily finger-jabs for diabetics

November 30, 2023
Daily finger-prick blood tests are an uncomfortable fact of life for diabetics, but they may not always have to be. Scientists from Canada and the US have developed a prototype home-use device that measures blood glucose levels via saliva samples.

Tiny biobots made from human cells promote neuron growth without DNA mods

November 30, 2023
Researchers have used human cells to create tiny biobots that can encourage healing in damaged neurons without requiring genetic modifications. The tiny bots have the potential to transform regenerative medicine and the treatment of disease.

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