The world's toughest animal could one day help save your life

March 20, 2023
They can live in extreme cold and heat, at pressures six times that of the deepest ocean trenches, and in the vacuum of space. One mechanism that makes the tardigrade so resilient has now been tapped to help crucial medicines travel further, easier.

Glaze tool messes with digital art so AIs can't steal your style

March 20, 2023
Creative AI is pure theft, according to many artists, scooping up and subsuming styles and techniques that may have taken years to develop. Glaze offers something of a solution – a "cloaking" layer specifically designed to ruin AI-attempted imitations.

Hive portable hammock stand doubles the hang wherever you roam

March 20, 2023
We've seen many portable hammock stands over the years, and virtually all of them share one thing in common: they hold just one hammock. The new Yobogear Hive stand travels anywhere to make treeless hammocking a couples-friendly affair.

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