$300,000 robotic micro-factories pump out custom-designed homes

April 20, 2024
Construction is the world’s largest industry, contributing 13% of global GDP. It is also the most inefficient, least digitised and most polluting industry. Now AUAR has begun rolling out an ingenious end-to-end solution based on its micro-factory.

Solar-cell-packin' drone uses sunlight for on-the-spot recharging

April 19, 2024
Multirotor drones may one day be able recharge their batteries while out and about, instead of having to return to a charging station. They could do so via onboard ultra-thin solar cells, which have already been tested on a small quadcopter.

AI now surpasses humans in almost all performance benchmarks

April 19, 2024
Stand back and take a look at the last two years of AI progress as a whole... A new report shows how AI is catching up with humans so quickly, in so many areas, that frankly, we're going to need new tests.

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