World-first research dissects an AI's mind, and starts editing its thoughts

June 18, 2024
Figuring out how AI models "think" may be crucial to the survival of humanity – but until recently, AIs like GPT and Claude have been total mysteries to their creators. Now, researchers say they can find – and even alter – ideas in an AI's brain.

Three-bedroom tiny house sleeps a family of five under one small roof

June 18, 2024
The Grevillea, by Evergreen Homes Australia, looks like a good option for families. It sleeps up to five people – at a squeeze – with a space-saving layout that fits three bedrooms and a well-stocked kitchen into a length of just 27 ft.

Rolls-Royce hybrid stealth engine helps conceal armored vehicles

June 17, 2024
Aiming to make armored vehicles stealthier, Rolls-Royce is using this year's Eurosatory defense trade fair to debut a new concept hybrid diesel engine that not only makes tanks and such more efficient, but easier to hide.

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