World's whitest paint is now thin enough to coat cars and planes

October 03, 2022
Last year, engineers at Purdue University used their expertise in materials science to produce the world’s whitest paint, and have now made some tweaks to the recipe and produced a version that is thinner and lighter.

Satellite-flinging SpinLaunch puts NASA payload through the wringer

October 03, 2022
Space startup SpinLaunch's kinetic launch system will require payloads to endure 10,000 g and speeds of 5,000 mph (8,000 km/h) and in this regard, the company may have just passed its biggest test yet.

Oil-eating microbes excrete the world's cheapest "clean" hydrogen

October 03, 2022
A Texan company promises clean hydrogen at less than US$1/kg, after testing a fascinating new technique in the lab and the field. The idea is to pump specially developed microbes into depleted oil wells, where they'll eat oil and excrete hydrogen.

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