T7 Multivan brings plug-in power and more autonomy to VW van life

June 11, 2021
Volkswagen pulled the sheets off the new T7 Multivan this week, charting a new path for its multifunctional passenger van. No longer part of the Transporter family, the Multivan stands on its own with a fresh plug-in hybrid option and semi-autonomy.

Archer unveils full-scale, two-seat, autonomous Maker eVTOL prototype

June 10, 2021
Palo Alto's Archer has unveiled a full-scale, two-seat, autonomous prototype of its Maker eVTOL aircraft. This striking machine will begin ground tests and flight tests later this year, with air taxi services slated to begin in LA and Miami in 2024.

Extraordinary new material shows zero heat expansion from 4 to 1,400 K

June 11, 2021
Australian researchers have created what may be one of the most thermally stable materials ever discovered. This remarkable advanced material, made of scandium, aluminum, tungsten and oxygen, doesn't change in volume at all between 4 and 1,400 Kelvin.

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