Steroid injections for knee pain linked to worse osteoarthritis progression

November 29, 2022
A pair of new studies have revealed evidence corticosteroid injections can hasten progression of knee osteoarthritis. The research, yet to be peer-reviewed and published, indicates hyaluronic acid injections may be a better pain relief option.

Newly identified polymer greatly boosts the healing of diabetic wounds

November 29, 2022
Chronic diabetic skin wounds are notoriously slow to heal, sometimes becoming so infected that amputations are required. A newly identified polymer could help keep that from happening, by radically boosting the healing process.

Denmark reverses the direction of an oil rig for bulk carbon storage

November 29, 2022
Denmark is moving forward with Project Greensands, an initiative that will take huge quantities of captured carbon out to an oil rig in the North Sea, and pump it down to sequester it in the sandstone formations that once held oil and gas.

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