ChatGPT: The friendly face of your AI replacement

February 07, 2023
This year may well be remembered as the moment the world woke up to the power, the potential and the world-inverting threat of artificial intelligence. OpenAI's humble, free-to-use chatbot has made it clear: life will never be the same after ChatGPT.

Detailed new map of all matter in the universe hints at something missing

February 07, 2023
Astronomers have put together one of the most comprehensive maps of all the matter in the universe. The huge undertaking hints at a slightly smoother universe than we thought, suggesting that something might be missing from our models.

Largest ever submarine heads for Russian scrapyard

February 07, 2023
A Cold War story has comes to an end as the largest ever submarine is put out to pasture. According to TASS, the Dmitry Donskoy, the first of the gigantic Typhoon submarines and the last still in service, has been officially decommissioned.

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