EarthCruiser Evado is a boxy, topo-mastering take on a Ford camper van

June 08, 2023
EarthCruiser customers have been pining for something less huge truck, more AWD camper van. The company answers with the Evado, a van-based cruiser of earth that marries van-like comfort with the toughness and living space for which EC is known.

Binary Gear doubles an MTB's gear ratios, without a front derailleur

June 08, 2023
Even though almost all new mountain bikes now have just one chainring and no front derailleur, it would still be nice to have all those other gear ratios again. The Binary Gear is designed to bring them back, without reintroducing a front derailleur.

Could taurine be the new fountain of youth?

June 08, 2023
Aging is an inevitable part of living that many try to roll back. A new study found that a naturally occurring amino acid slowed the aging process in mice, monkeys and worms. And they think it may play a role in human aging, too.

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