TAE on track for billion-degree hydrogen-boron fusion by early 2030s

August 12, 2022
Some fusion projects aim to create hundred-million degree working temperatures in magnetically confined plasma. The CEO of TAE Technologies tells us his team's aiming for 10 times that temperature, targeting cheaper, easier and safer boron fuel.

Stunning sights from the Nature TTL Photographer of the Year awards

August 11, 2022
In its third year, the Nature TTL Photographer of the Year contest has quickly become an impressive nature photo contest. This year’s highlights range from a glimpse at a caracal hunting in Tanzania to a shot of a moth covered in tiny balls of pollen.

Scientists create quality concrete with 100% tire-rubber aggregate

August 11, 2022
In recent years, we've heard about efforts to replace some of the aggregate used in concrete with crumbled used tires. Now, however, scientists have succeeded in producing good quality concrete in which all of the aggregate has been replaced with tire particles.

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