Alpaca MPV camper brings a mini-camping spin to US Sprinter RV market

February 25, 2024
The auto market has left Caravan Outfitter with no small van platforms for its mini-campers, so it's made lemonade out of lemons. Its new Sprinter Alpaca looks to offer the small, multifunctional practicality of a mini-camper in a full-size van.

174-hp electric jet ski packs instant boost and 1-hour rapid charging

February 23, 2024
A jet ski The Batman would ride – that's how Finnish startup Viva Electric Jets describes its debut product of the same name. The electric new PWC promises speeds close to 60 mph (96.5 km/h) backed up by one-hour rapid charging.

Wearable face sensors add to the evolution of tech that "gets" us

February 24, 2024
If humanoid robots are ever going to fully integrate in society, they're going to need to get good at reading our emotional states and responding appropriately. A new wearable from researchers in Korea could help them do just that.

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