Evidence of COVID-19 airborne transmission “overwhelming” say experts

April 18, 2021
A review article has presented 10 key scientific reasons why the virus that causes COVID-19 is predominantly spread though the air. The research adds to a growing chorus of experts saying the evidence for airborne transmission is “overwhelming”.

NASA's Mars Helicopter makes historic first flight

April 19, 2021
NASA has made history today, conducting the very first powered flight on another planet. The Mars Helicopter Ingenuity successfully took to the Red Planet skies for a brief jaunt, which will hopefully be the first of several.

Cryogel sponge slowly releases stem cells to reverse arthritis in mice

April 18, 2021
Scientists in China have just demonstrated how a newly developed "cryogel" can be used to bolster stem cell therapy to tackle osteoarthritis, demonstrating its effectiveness by reversing the condition in mice.

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