Apollo 15: NASA's first moon buggy mission celebrates 50th anniversary

July 25, 2021
Fifty years ago this week, Apollo 15 lifted off on the first true lunar exploration mission. Using an improved Lunar Module, the ninth crewed Apollo mission featured the first vehicle to drive on the Moon, allowing astronauts to roam farther than ever before.

This self-balancing electric motorcycle will follow you around

July 22, 2021
Beijing's Da Vinci Dynamics has launched its DC100, a high-performance electric streetbike with an impressive 250-mile NEDC range, and some wacky "robotic" tricks, including the alleged ability to self-balance and auto-follow you around.

AlphaFold predicts structures for nearly every protein in the human body

July 22, 2021
Last year DeepMind put forward a solution to a 50-year-old science problem, demonstrating how its AlphaFold AI could predict the 3D structures of unique proteins, and which it has now used to predict structures for nearly every protein in the human body.

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