Alcohol consumption can directly cause cancer, new genetic study finds

January 20, 2022
A large genetic study tracking 150,000 subjects for over a decade has affirmed a direct causal link between drinking alcohol and developing cancer. The findings particularly link oesophageal cancers and head and neck cancers with alcohol consumption.

Giant A-68 iceberg dumped 152 billion tonnes of freshwater into the sea

January 20, 2022
The environmental impacts of iceberg A-68 are still being assessed. A new study has calculated that the largest chunk, A-68A, released billions of tonnes of freshwater into the sea near a marine nature reserve, with untold effects on the ecosystem.

New whole-virus COVID vaccine may be effective against Omicron

January 20, 2022
An announcement from company Valneva indicates its experimental COVID-19 vaccine is effective at neutralizing the omicron variant. The vaccine is at the tail-end of Phase 3 trials and is the first inactivated whole-virus vaccine to be trialled in Europe.

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