High-speed, super agile Super Sub shows up in the flesh at Monaco

October 03, 2023
U-Boat Works has unveiled "the fastest private submersible ever conceived" – let alone built. The three-person bubble-cabin Super Sub looks like an underwater supercar, and it's quick enough to cruise, if not sprint, with bottlenose dolphins.

RV modules open endless flexibility for affordable custom van builds

October 03, 2023
Dutch company Van Jorn presents a new way of building out your dream camper van. It's developed a plug-and-play ecosystem that combines the warmth and ambiance of a custom camper van with the flexibility of a modular kit.

Perfecta grill uses AI to custom-cook steaks in under three minutes

October 03, 2023
While some people really enjoy barbecuing, others simply want grilled meat that isn't burnt on the outside and raw on the inside. The Perfecta grill should appeal to the latter group, as it uses AI to "perfectly" cook meat in three minutes or less.

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