Push to accelerate, pull to brake? Stellantis' new steering yoke system

July 13, 2024
Stellantis has filed a patent for a yoke-style steering-throttle-braking type of steering "wheel/control", similar to Tesla's approach to the steering-yoke, but deleting the foot controls altogether. Goodbye brake pedal, goodbye accelerator pedal.

New travel trailer looks like an aerodynamic wing ... to camp in?

July 12, 2024
Polydrops is growing its lineup with the all-new P21, its largest camping trailer yet ... by a long shot. The aerodynamic new travel trailer breaks free from the tiny teardrop mold to sleep the family (kinda) and supply an all-electric base camp.

Watch: Record-setting Lotus Evija X smashes itself to bits in seconds

July 12, 2024
After recently setting the Nurburgring Nordschleife 12.9-mile track record, the Lotus Evija X lays a smoky trail of rubber straight into the hay bales at the start line at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in two seconds. Not the kind of record anyone wants.

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