Once-a-day pill for stubborn cancer delivers a 62.5% positive response

December 05, 2023
In what has already been tagged as a “game-changer” for cancer treatment, the potent once-a-day tablet known as divarasib has continued to impress at Phase 1b trial stage, outperforming not just current therapies but its previous trial results.

Humanoid/quadruped transformer throws boxes like a baggage handler

December 05, 2023
Swiss Mile's ANYmal robot is a remarkable beast, capable of getting around as a wheeled quadruped, or standing up on its hind legs and using its front wheels as hands. Now, it's learning to do useful tasks – in about the funniest way possible.

Double-action solar tower promises clean energy all day and night

December 05, 2023
Researchers in Jordan and Qatar have come up with a remarkable design for a "twin technology solar system" capable of generating clean energy 24/7. This double-action design promises more than twice as much energy as a standard solar updraft tower.

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