Jetson One personal eVTOL looks like a ton of fun to fly

October 21, 2021
If anyone can think of a more perfect name for a personal eVTOL, we're listening! Sweden's Jetson Aero has already sold out the 2022 production run of this cute little single-seat kit build, which is capable of zooming along at 63 mph.

Steak knife made from hardened wood is 3 times sharper than steel

October 20, 2021
Scientists have come up with a new hardened form of wood that can be fashioned into sturdy nails or knives that are almost three times sharper than a standard dinner table knife ... and they're dishwasher safe, too.

Wounded cancer cells supercharge immune system to destroy tumors

October 20, 2021
MIT scientists have developed a new technique to jump-start the body's immune system with the help of injured cancerous cells, with the approach shown to be capable of completely eliminating tumors in mouse models of the disease.

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