Extraordinary RV fuses Land Rover 4x4 toughness with Airstream style

October 15, 2021
Duckworth Overland has set out to meld two of the most recognizable products in land travel: the Land Rover Defender and the streamlined aluminum camper. The resulting "Aerover" has go-anywhere 4x4 grit and stylish coachbuilt living accommodations.

Monthly cycles of faux fasting prevent obesity in unhealthy mice

October 14, 2021
A new study has shown how short spurts of so-called fasting-mimicking diets can bring about a range of benefits in otherwise unhealthy mice, ultimately preventing the buildup of fat and onset of obesity.

Amazing water tower home wins 2021 Stephen Lawrence Prize

October 15, 2021
Following its unveiling of the 2021 Stirling Prize, the RIBA has revealed the winner of the 2021 Stephen Lawrence Prize. Tonkin Liu won for its fantastic work transforming a dilapidated water tower into a one-of-a-kind family home.

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