Skai revises targets for its liquid-hydrogen, long-range eVTOL

July 09, 2020
Progress hasn't come as quickly as expected, but Skai remains committed to pioneering liquid hydrogen as a power source for its ultra-long range eVTOL air taxis, which will travel vastly longer distances than anything with a lithium battery system.

Luxury residence blends beautifully into the desert landscape

July 09, 2020
The Invisible House blends into the rugged landscape with its mirror-finish facade. Hidden away inside are some nice features, including a large pool area that's home to a projector for movie screenings, and four bedrooms that open to the outside.

Canon launches EOS R5 and R6 full-frame mirrorless cameras

July 09, 2020
Canon first revealed its plan to take the lead in the prosumer mirrorless camera market in February. And now the company has pulled back the curtain to reveal its new full-frame mirrorless flagship, the EOS R5, along with a consumer-focused R6 model.

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