Off-grid electric camper box modernizes Jeep Wrangler camping

May 14, 2021
The days of battery-electric Jeep Wranglers may still be a long way off, but DirtBox Gear electrifies the other half of overlanding. Its Juice Box wires lithium power into the Wrangler tailgate to run a fully electric kitchen and power other gear.

Skyborg combat drone's "brain" flies for the first time

May 15, 2021
The US Air Force has flight tested the Skyborg combat drone's Autonomy Core System for the first time. The "brain" of the autonomous Skyborg was installed in a Kratos UTAP-22 tactical uncrewed vehicle, and carried out a two-hour-and-10-minute flight.

New immunotherapy double-crosses cancer to kill it from within

May 13, 2021
One of cancer’s crafty tricks involves manipulating the host’s immune cells to protect tumors instead of fighting them. Now researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have turned the tables again, transforming these cells back into cancer killers.

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