Fuel cell drone makes an epic ocean crossing

November 15, 2019
Although multicopter drones now are being used to transport medical samples and supplies, their 30-minute (or so) battery life limits their range. This week, however, a hydrogen-powered delivery drone managed a one-hour, 43-minute ocean crossing.

Landyacht camper van has high-sea luxury up front, toy garage in back

November 15, 2019
The word "land yacht" has become a cliche denoting any large, luxurious wheeled vehicle. VR Motorhomes takes it more seriously, though, creating a Landyacht camper van with luxe, marine-inspired living, "offshore" autonomy and even a "tender" garage.

Building to house world's largest tokamak fusion reactor now complete

November 14, 2019
The structure that will house one of the largest and most ambitious energy experiments in history is now complete, with engineers working on the ITER Tokamak Building swinging their last pylon into place in readiness for the reactor's assembly stage.

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