Researchers achieve a 10x supercapacitor energy density breakthrough

February 20, 2020
They charge much faster than lithium batteries, they can put out massive power, and they last thousands of cycles with minimal deterioration. This energy density breakthrough could bring supercapacitors into the EV and consumer tech worlds.

Smartphone style: The winners of the Annual Mobile Photography Awards

February 19, 2020
In its 9th year the Mobile Photography Awards present an incredible snapshot of photography highlighting how truly sophisticated smartphone camera technology has become. Spanning 20 categories the winners offer a compelling insight into a new medium.

Zero finally unveils its fully faired, electric SR/S sports tourer

February 19, 2020
We've been waiting a decade for Zero to make a fully faired bike to extend the range of its excellent electric motorcycles, but Zero has held back, waiting for the chance to do it properly. Finally, here it is: the new SR/S sports tourer.

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