Italian superyacht firm unveils solar-powered amphibious "crabmaran"

January 15, 2021
Italian yacht design firm Lazzarini has unveiled designs for a solar-powered amphibious “crabmaran” that the studio says will be the first in the world. Dubbed Pagurus, the striking 82-ft catamaran merges solar technology and innovative design.

Astronomers may have detected background ripples in spacetime itself

January 14, 2021
The gravitational waves we’ve detected so far have been like tsunamis in the spacetime sea. Now, a 13-year survey of light from pulsars scattered across the galaxy may have revealed the first hints of gentle gravitational wave background signals.

Review: Oculus Quest 2 is an even better portal into alternate worlds

January 14, 2021
The original Oculus Quest was one of the technology world's great game-changers, and the new Quest 2 makes big improvements everywhere while dropping the price. We've now spent a month with the world's latest, greatest standalone VR headset.

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