New supramolecular plastic heals itself in an instant

August 16, 2022
Scientists experimenting with next-generation plastics at Finland's University of Turku have developed a self-healing form of the material with some impressive capabilities, most notably an ability to quickly break down after use.

Chemistry breakthrough extracts oxygen from water using magnets

August 16, 2022
In what's described as a key advancement for the future of systems that could help propel humans into deep space, scientists have demonstrated a method of extracting oxygen from water in microgravity using magnetism.

American Airlines puts down deposit for 20 Boom supersonic aircraft

August 16, 2022
The future of civilian commercial supersonic travel looks a bit firmer today after American Airlines and Boom Supersonic signed an agreement for the airline to put down a non-returnable deposit towards the purchase of 20 Overture supersonic aircraft.

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