Triton's latest submarine puts six people in a bubble, 3,300 feet under

December 03, 2020
Triton has turned its attention back to the luxury sector with a new six-person sub designed to launch from the garage of your mega-yacht. Its giant 2.5-m diameter spherical acrylic pressure hull is the biggest ever, giving panoramic views for six.

World's biggest drone to launch satellites into space from mid-air

December 03, 2020
Looking to make its mark in the world of space launches is US-based firm Aevum, which has just unveiled a massive drone called the Ravn X that is designed to act as an autonomous, airborne launch system for small satellites.

Self-adjusting insulin promises safer blood sugar control for diabetics

December 03, 2020
An incredible proof-of-concept study has demonstrated the development of a novel insulin molecule that can sense blood sugar levels and self-adjust its activity in response to a patient’s needs, raising hopes of a safer and easier insulin therapy.

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